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Manager Watch Face

NOT FOR SAMSUNG GEAR S2/S3 – NO TIZEN COMPATIBILITY Not compatible on Sony Smartwatch 3 ✭✭✭ NEW UPDATE...


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Not compatible on Sony Smartwatch 3

✭✭✭ NEW UPDATE! ✭✭✭

Please follow these steps in that order to fix the synchronization problems.

1 ) From phone

- Uninstall and reinstall Manager on your phone
- Open the app and login to your Google Fit account (grant all permission)

2) From Smartwatch

- Update Manager on your Smartwatch
- Login to fit account (If already logged in, log out and log in again)

✭✭✭ Manager Watch Face. Your assistant in life and work organization ✭✭✭

✭✭✭ A significant modification of the User Interface (UI) and design has been made. Let us detail below the reason of this change.

The previous version used to display the number of missed calls and SMS. A new Google Policy now prohibits the access to these information. For this reason, we have modified the UI to comply with the new restrictions while keeping a top quality design.

Let us stress that though the system used to allow developers to access the number of missed messages and calls, it never let anyone gain access to the /content/ of these personal data. ✭✭✭

Manager Watch Face, a fully digital watch face designed to manage your time. It provides you with all the information you need at a glance.

With Manager Watch Face, keep an eye on everything to stay organised.

Your Smartwatch will become your best ally in everyday life.

Premium features and settings

• 4 unique time display
Missed notifications
Distance (miles and kilometer)

Free features and settings

Time (Hours Minutes Seconds)
Battery Level
Weather (Celsius and Farenheit)
Moon phase

Companion app

Our dedicated companion app lets you fully configure manager watch face from your phone. Change the aspect and the function of your device to match your everyday needs.

o Display
o Weather
o Google fit
o Data


Optimized for low battery consumption
Developed for Wear 2.0
• No ads



Manager Premium Watch Face needs to be installed on both watch and phone in order to have access to all complications.

Wear OS 2.0 – from your smartwatch

1. Open the playstore app via your wear device
2. Download and install the watch face
3. Long press and swipe right to « add more watch faces »
4. Select your new watch face
5. Be super connected

Tip 1 - How to unlock premium version

Enter the settings menu. Navigate down the very end of the list. You’ll find the option “buy premium”.

Wear 2.0 – from your phone

1. Open the playstore app via your phone
2. Make sure phone is connected to your wear device
3. Download and install the watch face on your phone
4. Within seconds/minutes the watch face will appear on your wear device
5. Welcome to the future

Tip 2 - Companion app

Once downloaded on the phone, open the app and grant the required permissions. Make sure you have Google Fit installed on both phone and watch.

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