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AppLock - Lock All Apps & Lock photo, video

Applock - Passcode Lock, Pattern Lock - Lock all Apps. Lock gallery, hide private photos, video Applock is t...


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Applock - Passcode Lock, Pattern Lock - Lock all Apps. Lock gallery, hide private photos, video
Applock is the best app lock for your phone. You need to use it to protect your privacy. Prevent someone from accessing to apps or see private photos and videos. If you are a careful person or a person with lots of secrets, this lock application is for you. Those who do not have a password that intentionally opens your applications will be photographed so you can know who they are. That's great, isn't it
App lock is easy to use and supports 3 type of password: Passcode, Pattern and Fingerprint. After download and open app lock. You can lock your apps with a single touch. Then every time someone open locked apps on your phone they need a right password. The application supports three types of locks, depending on your preferences you can choose to lock by password or by drawing a pattern or by fingerprint.
The lock application also lets you hide your sensitive photos or videos, store it in a secret place that only you can see. When you do not want to hide, you go to the application to remove from the list of locked photos or videos, they will return to normal.

- Lock all apps. Private apps like mail, sms, contact list, facebook, instagram, whatapps ...
- Supports password lock, pattern lock, fingerprint (if the device supports fingerprint)
- Locks gallery for your private photos and videos
- Take photos of intruders who don't know your password and try to unlock your app screen
- Hide pictures and hide videos
- Prevent the removal of this application by locking the device's installed application
- Customize lock screen with many wallpapers
- Password managment: set a new password, change the password. Users need to create a security question to use in case of forgetting the password

Lock application, some notes when using:
- When you do not remember the password, please provide a secret question and answer the correct question, you will be able to set up a new password. But notice before that you have to set up secret questions.
- When you use the function to hide photos or videos. Before you remove this application you must ensure that you have to remove them in the lock application so that they appear again in the library.

Please download App Lock to lock all your app and protect your photo and video. Hope you enjoy my app lock.

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