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News Break is the app, available on all the Android devices, that lets you be updated about the local news in every town, even the small ones. Get access to traffic accidents updates, world news, national news, local news, celebrity news and all kind of breaking news, enjoy the fast article loading technology, read more than 2 000 000 articles, even offline! Download it and see how simple get updated is!

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Local headlines and breaking news – get your local news, crime updates, and U.S. headlines straight to your phone, with News Break.

Connect with your local community and follow local news, sports events, lifestyle stories, politics, and even crime updates. News Break is personalized to your interests, likes and dislikes, so you’ll always get relevant stories that really matter to you.

News Break helps people live safer, more vibrant, more truly connected lives. Whether it’s your local sports team, lifestyle tips or local headlines – you can access local, relevant stories with just a tap.

U.S. News and Highlights

Get a curated daily brief focused on local headlines, crime updates, traffic, events, and more
Our intelligent local news platform aggregates rich, relevant stories from more than 10,000 trusted news outlets across the U.S.
Breaking news - be the first to know about breaking local news, U.S. headlines and global updates

Local Updates: Know Your Town

Find local restaurants, local events, shop openings, and more – all in a single app!
Read unique perspectives and personal stories from local writers and content creators
Sports updates, lifestyle stories and local events - focus on the incredible things that are happening right where you live and work!

News Commentary: Express Yourself

• Don’t just read the news, discuss it with other News Break readers!
News Break welcomes all respectful perspectives and points of view

Support the Cause

News Break is working hard to revive the local-news ecosystem by supporting small publishers around the U.S.
• We’re activating legions of local bloggers and content creators – people just like you – that have important things to say about their communities. Join in and share your views & news!

What are you waiting for? Download News Break today and start living a safer, more vibrant, more connected life through the power of local news and information!

News Break Better Informed, Better Life.

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