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For package disabler on samsung device please purchase this app


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For package disabler on samsung device please purchase this app

Works on all Android devices. Helpful to understand whats in your phone.
Key Features:
1. Shows package details of each application, packages such as the package name, installed and updated date, data size, application size etc
2. Indicates whether this app is listed as a bloatware by the community of users
3. Detailed information of application version, version code, target SDK used
4. All the permissions used by the package is listed
5. The services used by the application
6. Shows Android receiver and shared library information
7. Search any package by package name or application name
8. Ability to share the detailed information of a package to others via email, char etc
9. Gather more information about the app using google search
10. Ability to run the application right from the app
11. Go to settings of an app

System information shows
1.Manufacture name, model, serial number, device ID
2. Android version, build and ROOTED status
3.Display informant ( resolution, density, DPI, Pixels/sq inch)
4. Processor information( details of each processor, cpu architecture, variant , revision)
5.Network information( wifi MAC, IP v4, IP V6 address, Country code, IMEI, SIM serial number, MCC,MNC)
6.Sensor Informations (list of all sensors on the device)
7. Internal and external storage details
8. Battery , Battery percentage, charging state, temperature, voltage, capacity, battery technology

Last update

Jan. 11, 2020

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