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Let's take back the news!. Help change the world of news with this new social news app. Capture and share stor...


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Let's take back the news!. Help change the world of news with this new social news app. Capture and share stories and get the latest breaking news powered by people like you. Citizen Journalism.

Here, citizens report and update the news by taking pictures and videos with their phones. Short captions and tags are added to provide additional detail.

At Onpublico all news matters and we will not tell you what to report. Individuals and the Onpublico community define what is and isn’t newsworthy. If you witness an event that is interesting, odd, or astonishing in any way, share it. We take no stance on stories but will remove/edit offensive or inaccurate content.

Our goal is to create a public and open space where people work together to keep each other aware of what’s happening around them as it’s happening.

You break the news!
Now, you have the power to break the news that really matters. Lead the conversation by covering and sharing breaking news stories. Be the first to report news that matters to you. Simply download the app and upload photos or videos and add captions in real-time. Then share the breaking news that you have captured. The news will appear in the Onpublico news feed, can be shared via social media networks (Facebook, Twitter), and through text message and email with your extended community.

Read the latest breaking news
The only social news platform where people report on breaking news with video and pictures in real-time. Offers news reported by people with a passion for sharing news, insights, videos and images that capture stories as they break. Get your latest local news on Community, Business/Tech, Arts & Events, Crime, Activism, Sport, and All Things Odd.

App Features:
* Browse pictures from breaking news stories
* Watch exclusive videos from breaking news stories
* Capture and share what matters to you and your community
* Give your opinion and add information to news that matters
* Review what’s trending under “it matters”
* Track the stories important to you
* Stay informed with breaking news alerts
* Easy to use—snap, upload, and share
* Get local breaking news stories by targeted area
* Personalize the app to suit your interests
* Search by keyword, topic, story, author, location or tag
* News that matters to you
* Local stories break in real-time

Help reshape news media and your community. Download today!
Please note this app is free to use.

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