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The News Nation (न्यूज नेशन)App keeps you abreast with latest English news, India news, breaking news, world n...


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The News Nation (न्यूज नेशन)App keeps you abreast with latest English news, India news, breaking news, world news, live updates and provides you in-depth coverage of Politics, Business, Technology, Auto, Gadgets, Entertainment, Bollywood, Sports, Cricket, Education, Viral News and much more.

Download News Nation App on your mobile phone to get updates on the go from India and around the world. Watch Live TV, photos, videos and special shows. The free new app covers trending news, event and big stories of the day.

Get Latest news in English for Loksabha elections 2019, Cricket World Cup, Election news, Congress, BJP, live Election results, Narendra Modi, Rahul gandhi, Yogi adityanath, Prime Minister Of India, Delhi news, Bihar news, Maharashtra news, Modi,election, Play Cricket World Cup Contest/Quiz to win exiting prize.

News Nation is a national 24-hrs Hindi news channel focusing on delivering pure news content to the Indian masses. News Nation keeps the New age Indian updated and ahead of others by providing them with "News they can use". News Nation is being appreciated and accepted for its Independent editorial stand and balanced representation of news.

Cutting edge technology, robust news gathering network, innovative presentation of news ingrained with the ideology of giving the viewers "cause and effect" of every story certainly makes News Nation stand out in the maze of Hindi News channels.

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Latest Cricket World Cup News from live TV channel which is showing Cricket World Cup live discussion.

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Latest India News: The news app provides you latest and trending news updates from India and around the world.

Live TV: Watch Live TV on your mobile phone. Watch live breaking news, India news, Bollywood news on News Nation TV.

Breaking News: Our news app will keep you updated with latest news and breaking notifications on your mobile.

Bookmark Articles: Yes, you can bookmark articles and news stories using the bookmark feature of News Nation app to read the story of your interest at a later point in time.

News Alerts/Notifications: Stay updated with our regular notifications/news alerts.

Customize Notifications: Controlling the time and frequency of your breaking News notifications is now in your hands. Also, you receive notifications based on your interests.

Night Mode Reading: Night Mode Reading feature provides a pleasant reading experience to users without stressing their eyes even when the lighting conditions are poor.

Fonts: You can choose font size that best suits you.

Swipe for Next: Now read stories seamlessly by swiping left and right.

Share: Share stories of your interests with your friends using Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email and more.

Quicky Videos: The Quicky feature lets you watch short videos from 1 minute up to 5 minutes to save your time.

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