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Comprehensive app in Tamil Medicine - Siddha, Food as medicine, Paati Vaithiyam, Parambaria Vaithiyam - You na...


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Comprehensive app in Tamil Medicine - Siddha, Food as medicine, Paati Vaithiyam, Parambaria Vaithiyam - You name it, you have it in our Unnavey Marundhu - Tamil Medicine - Thamiz Maruthuvam App.

Unnavey Marundhu - Food is medicine - Medicine is food - Prevention of diseases through proper food. Tamil medicine.

This application provides collection of information that has appeared over various magazines over a period of time. This is only an attempt to digitize the rare and precious information from early 90's that too in my mother tongue Tamil.

Tips includes Siddha, Paati Vaithyam and much more.

Users can add favorite tips and share it with all.

Added 550+ tips that can be shared by WhatsApp, SMS, Email and other mediums. Now, you can also share the tips via SMS, WhatsApp and email etc.

Added 170+ paati vaithiyam tips, courtesy Koodal. This is the most comprehensive app on Tamil medicine now.
This app contains,

1. Unnavey Marundhu - List of diseases and the food item that can actually prevent or cure the disease.

2. Salt - Uppu and its medicinal value

3. Puli - Tamarind and its medicinal value

4. Kadugu - Mustard and its medicinal value

5. Pudhina - Methi - and its medicinal value

6. Perungayam - Asafoetida and its medicinal value

7. Soombu - Aniseed and its medicinal value

8. Kaadi - Vinegar and its medicinal value

9. Kasakasa - Poppy seed and its medicinal value

10. Eye care and exercise for eyes while working on computers

11. Tips of using food as medicine

12. Madulam - Pomegranate benefits

13. Neem - Vembu benefits

14. Murungai - Drum Stick benefits

15. Kovaikai benefits

16. Seethapazam - Custard fruits benefits

17. Karuvepilai benefits

18. Arugam Pil benefits

19. Mooligai benefits

20. Neermuli

21. Neemjuice

22. Usipalli

23. Thiruneer

24. Vilampazam

25. Karungali

26. Sembaruthi

27. Lemon

28. Cure for more than 40+ diseases in traditional way

29. Vazai

30. Sundaikai

31. Sirukurinji

32. Sadugupai

33. Poondu

34. Peerkangai

35. Adathodai

36. Mavilangam

37. Athimathuram

38. Arivamani Poondu

39. Agathikeerai

40. Poovarasu

This app contains details on Tamil food application, Tamil medicine, Tamil food, food and its medicinal values, Tamil application on food, prevention of diseases by food, Tamil spices and medicinal values


As a developer of this application, I do not claim any rights or take responsibility on the source of the content. Users are requested to discuss with elders at their house before taking the food items prescribed and especially discuss with doctors on the same. Thanks to various print media and internet sources for the support.

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June 7, 2018

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