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School Summer Sports Athletics: Swimming & Archery

Welcome to the annual high school day a unique sports simulator, where you get a chance to become sports man o...


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Welcome to the annual high school day a unique sports simulator, where you get a chance to become sports man of the year in the high school sports day game, exhibit the true sports man spirit in various summer sports like swimming pool race, an exciting hurdle race games, where you can win gold medal if you stood first, if you want to play multiple sports mini games compiled in a single package then without waiting any further download one of the best sports game now, and enjoy all summer sports in one game. Play with the multiple cartoonish characters, choose the characters from different races, white or black because we care for our players to the core of our heart. Enjoy the splash of summer by playing the super cool swimming pool games with multiple other tasks to do, enjoy beating your rival in the hurdle race game. Take part in many competitions sports events. You might have played many sports simulators in the past but if you are look for something different with the better controls & story line then you are at right place.

Take part in the basketball tournament happening in the high school summer sports games, to become the basketball rising star, athletics games have always been the favorite arming the sports athletics fans. Grab your chance to play three amazing sports games packed in a single unique package. Run in the challenging 100 meter hurdle race, top all the sports categories in order to become the sports man of the year. So what are you waiting for download now School Summer Sports Athletics: Swimming & Archery and show the sports man in you who is always up to the challenges.

Master the art of archer game by shooting arrows right at the bull’s eye. Or show you r skills in the exciting basketball games tournaments, or play as marathon runner and surpass you rival in the hurdle race game, high school summer sports offers you the chance to enjoy the sports day with the same trill as you might have experienced in your school life. Explore the best sports simulator to explore the all what summer sports have for you.

Features of School Summer Sports Athletics: Swimming & Archery:
Detailed cartoonish characters white and black.
Three sports indoor and outdoor sports simulator games.
Smooth controls for all the mini summer sports games.
Addictive and engaging game play having hurdle race game play.
Multiple task based summer sports levels.
Enjoy the trill of summer with Swimming pool games.

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