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Email Home - Full Screen Email Widget and Launcher

Email Home is an easy-to-use communications and productivity tool designed to uplift your day and create posit...


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Email Home is an easy-to-use communications and productivity tool designed to uplift your day and create positive, healthy habits. Access your email inbox with the swipe of the screen, use our task management assistant & set smart reminders to achieve new heights!

Designed to be a key feature of your business or personal life, Function builds a routine of effective accomplishments you can feel good about. Bring clarity to your communication and responsibilities to easily see the progress you are making.

What can you do with Email Home?

Easily view emails and decide which ones are most important to you
Create lists of tasks and check them off as you go to see your progress
Set smart reminders that let you know when you have missed something
Easily surf the web with voice search technology & exclusive news articles

Why should you download Email Home?

Let your phone work for you, not against you. Start your day on a great pace right from the start with a great understanding of what you are doing. Easily review your emails, schedule and tasks.

This was made for you and for what you want to get done. Customize your email messaging, list of tasks and when you want your reminders to alert you. Connect to your personal accounts to have only your content and contacts.

Get more time in your day back to do the things that you want to do. When it's time to cut the cord and relax, turn reminders off and enjoy the peace of mind knowing you accomplished everything on your task list today.

Function by Email Home replaces your default launcher and provides an uncluttered, simplified home screen. Icons are conveniently organized by type. Enhanced search is insanely fast and offers custom suggested topics. Email Home brings an intuitive search bar right to the top of your home screen!

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Email, Smart Launcher, Productivity, Tasks, Reminders, Time Management, Fast Log In, Gmail™ Sign In, Set a Reminder, Inbox, Multi Account Access, To Do List, Web Search, Google™ Authentication & Compliance, Business Email, Spam Folder, Support.

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