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ChefTap: Recipe Clipper, Planner and Grocery List

Clip recipes from any website with ChefTap...


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ChefTap is the app, available on all the Android devices, that lets you automatically clip recipes from any website or food blog saving them in your own permanent archive. Clip recipes from any website or blog, try out smart shopping lists that automatically create grocery lists from your recipes, adjust text size for easy reading on your phone or tablet, save pictures of recipes from the website, or attach your own, edit any recipe on your device, send recipes to clip from your desktop and more.

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Powerful Recipe Clipper
Easily grab just the recipe from any website or blog, and leave the rest behind. No list of “supported sites”. ChefTap’s recipe clipper works with any website in English, and many that aren’t in English.

Meal Planner
Our newest feature! Plan your meals for the week, including make-aheads and leftovers. Once you have your plan ready, add everything to the grocery list at once.

Get Organized
* Easily find recipes using tags, searching and sorting
* New Related Recipes: Add links to related recipes, such as a link to your favorite pie crust recipe from a recipe for pie filling.
* New Menus. Create menus of things that you often cook together. This may include recipes, or individual items such as bread or salad.
* Duplicate recipes: Make a copy of a recipe so that you can try out variations
* Scale recipes

Grocery List
* Items are automatically categorized into aisles, such as “produce” or “spices”.
* Multiple grocery lists
* Pantry organizer helps you keep track of what you have.
* Use the Favorites list to kickstart your list.
* Smart autocomplete suggests items that you have added before.

Try out ChefTap Basic for free:
* Clip up to 100 recipes
* Sync between devices every ten days
* 30-day free trial for Pro features

ChefTap Pro features include:
* Unlimited recipes and syncing
* Meal planner
* Grocery list
* Menus
* Related recipes
* Recipe scaling

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Feb. 7, 2020

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