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Weight Checker Machine Prank

Do you want the ideal weight? Check it easily with the app. It's an useful tool to help you track weight daily...


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Do you want the ideal weight? Check it easily with the app. It's an useful tool to help you track weight daily and archive your weight goal. Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, tracking your progress is very important.

It's an Amazing Weight checker machine prank application. this application calculate your weight by using fingerprint scanner and provide you the most easiest way to check your body weight. This weight calculator prank scanner application have an analog weight scale, very realistic design look like real, which provide you a way to measure or calculate your body Weight.

Weight Machine Scanner application through you scans your body weight and makes fun with your friends.
In this application you put your figure and scan your finger and calculate your weight.

This app not gives real weight just for prank.

ow to check your weight using a mobile weight machine?

Tap your finger on weight scanner and hold to complete the scanning process. After when the mobile weight machine Calculate and compile the results it shows your exact weigh in digital format. This is complete digital weight machine. Now calculating weight is easy using this mobile scale app.

Everybody want the ideal weight, Check this weight calculator app daily. it is very useful for all of us specially for fat people's, because when we want to lose weight, then you want to know that how much your body weight and how to lose weight fast? then check your weight scanner and make a losing weight diet plans. everyday follow your diets plan and use exercise equipment like treadmill or exercise bike or any exercise equipment burn your extra calories because it's best for your health and your weights and make you healthy and happy.

Features in weight machine

Start the application and tap on finger weight scanner.
► It will automatically start counting your weight during your press the scanner
Very user friendly UI.
Track weight any times a day.
Analog weight measuring readings.
Real animation of analog scale like in real analog weight scale

How to Use
* Open this amazing Weight checker machine.
* Select your gender and click Next button.
* Place your finger on finger scanner very gently, and don't lift up until scanning complete.
* After completing the scanning this finger detector body scanner show you a randomly result.
* Now you find your healthy weight on weight machine scanner.
* Enjoy with your family, friends and make fun.

Weight Machine Scanner Prank Application is just for joy you can see that on app Title because title have prank word. this is a prank application but application have realistic analog scale and generate weight result in kg not other scale like pounds etc.
This application is fake app not supported and not affiliated any type of agency or organization.

Last update

Oct. 14, 2020

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