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liteBIG is a Superapps, the powerful mobile messaging app, literally changes the way you chat and communicate ...


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liteBIG is a Superapps, the powerful mobile messaging app, literally changes the way you chat and communicate with friends and family, and it does if for FREE. liteBIG not only covers the entire basic functionalities you should expect from such online chatting apps; it also provides you with a wide range of cool features in an easy to use and secure interface. The user interface is so simple and the design is so clean and neat, that you’ll get used to it after trying the app for the first time.

liteBIG is mainly used in Indonesia and is recognized as one of the best Indonesian Messenger apps, but it’s not limited to this country and everyone from around the world can get the most out of this robust messaging app.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlighted features of the liteBIG :

**Edit or Delete messages after sending them:
You no longer need to worry about a typo or sending a wrong message to one of your contacts, as you can easily delete messages or edit them after being sent accidentally.

**Send or Receive any type of files**:
No matter you are going to transfer a document, video, music, picture or any other type of files, we’ve got you covered. You can freely transfer files up to 50MB.

**A wide range of Stickers and Emoticons**:
Sometimes hundreds of words cannot make up for a single sticker when it comes to showing how you really feel. Feel free to browse through the rich archive of stickers and emoticons to send to your friends.

**Create or Join Group Chats**:
Group Chats is one of the most favorite features of a messaging app among users, as you get to communicate with so many people at the same time in one place. Each group can have up to 10.000 members and all the features found in single conversations can be used in group conversations as well.

**All your messages are SECURE**:
All the messages and chats are encrypted to make sure no one except the sender and receiver can read them.

In overall, liteBIG makes sure you don’t need any other messaging app installed on your Android phone for chatting and being in touch with friends and family by offering basic and advanced features for talking one-by-one, in the group and transferring any type of files. To add friends, you just need to know their phone numbers and the syncing feature automatically browse through your contacts in your phonebook to find friends who use liteBIG Messenger.

liteBIG Main Features at Glance:

Super user-friendly interface with engaging graphics
Free, Fast, Secure and Safe
Sign up with your phone number
Transfer any type of files (50MB attachment limit size)
Remove improper messages or edit type messages (after being sent)
Create or join groups conversation (up to 10.000 members)
Sync LiteBIG users with contacts in phonebook
Number 1 Indonesian Messenger app in Indonesia
Free with no in-app-purchase items
Fun and useful for all ages

Speaking of being fun for all ages, thanks to the user-friendly interface, you don’t need to be a tech-savvy to get the most out of this chatting and messaging app. You just need to install the app for free, sign up with your phone number, let the app sync your contacts and start chatting with your friends and family. You get to freely join group chats and transfer any type of files.

liteBIG is completely free and there is no limitation for chatting. You just need to make sure you are connected to an internet connection (mobile data or Wi-Fi) and enjoy all the messaging features for free. If you are offline, all your messages are kept and you’ll receive them as soon as you get back online again.

Download liteBIG for free and let us know about any bugs, feature request or any other suggestions.

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