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Android Terminal Pro

Android Terminal Pro A custom Linux terminal,system tools and test utilities for Android. Android Terminal P...

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Android Terminal Pro

A custom Linux terminal,system tools and test utilities for Android.

Android Terminal Pro brings you the Linux terminal functionality on your phone
with simple to use interface for all Android phones.

With System Tools ,you can perform various test including Root access and Cpu
tests,check all detailed information needed about your phone.

All information you need such as Cpu and Memory usage of your phone, you can
easily monitor your resources.

You can install external Android applications from you sdcard including
internal storage(Usb Storage) or simply attach and send them via email for

Log all your commands and outputs easily on your sdcard and share via email.



All terminal functionality

Pause/resume during the commands

Auto complete while typing for linux commands entries

Most of the commands will work depending on your phone root state

Rooted phones supported (run su)

Execute ,run linux commands,check memory,cpu

Pause/resume function for looping commands such as (top,vmstat,logcat)

Real Task Killer (ps or top -n 1 get the app pid number and execute kill -9

Check your running apps services(ps, top)

Remove delete files

Browse your sdcard,system folders

Basic Linux Command List

A list of basic linux commands

Please be aware that desktop linux may differ than the android version

All commands may not be able to run depending on your phone, model and Os

Cpu Information And Test

Check you cpu usage and load averages

You can also perform cpu test and check your global ranking

Memory Information

All memory usage

Ram memory

Phone Storage


Internal Sdcard (Usb Storage)

Android App Installer

Scan your sdcard ,Internal sdcard(Usb Storage) root folder automatically for
.Apk files (Android App files)

You can easily install apps from your sdcard and attach,send via email for

Log Session

You can log your terminal commands and outputs on your sdcard and attach,share
via email

Root Access Test

Perform simple root access to check whether your phone is rooted.

Screen Sizes

All phones and tablets screen sizes are supported


All used materials are credited in the application's about section.

Please contact our developers for any feedback or problem

Thanks for supporting this project.

Linxmap Dev Team

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Feb. 15, 2013

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