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Guide To Antique Collecting

Discover How To Make Huge Profits By Buying And Selling Antiques Online! One Man's Junk Is Another Man's Trea...

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Discover How To Make Huge Profits By Buying And Selling Antiques Online!

One Man's Junk Is Another Man's Treasure!

This is true even more so now that the internet has evolved. It has literally
thrown open the doors to a huge oppotunity that has only existed before with A
LOT of effort and knowledge.

So, once you get the hang of selling things online you'll almost certainly see
the opportunity it has. So have thousands of people all over the world who
make their living on eBay. One thing you will have to learn is how to spot a

You may even have something lying around in your home that could be worth
thousands! Don't believe?

Well, have you ever watched the Antiques Roadshow on television? People take
in all sorts of things they have stored away at home and some are literally
worth hundreds and thousands of dollars.

People sell things all the time. Car boot sales, garage sales, jumble sales,
house clearances, the list goes on and on.

What if you knew how to spot a bargain? What if you could tell just by looking
at something how much it was worth?

You would then be able to quickly turn around a healthy profit in no time at
all! How many times would you want to do this? I'm guessing lots!

Here is just a brief sample of what you will learn inside this book:

Exactly What To Look Out For From Telling Old From New

★ A List Of The Most Popular French Cabinet Makers

Which European Country Produced The Most In Demand Furniture At The Moment

The Main Difference In Spotting American Furniture From European Furniture

How To Identify Which Century A Porcelain Piece Is From

How Dresden Porcelain Started And Why It Is So Valuable Today

Exactly What Marks To Look For On Silver And What They Mean

How To Identify The Age Of Embroidery And Tapestry

★ A Complete Dictionary Of English, Continental & American Furniture

★ and much, Much More!

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