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Basketball Keyboard

🏀Get now the new Basketball Keyboard keyboard theme in burning shades of orange with black.This beautiful spor...


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🏀Get now the new Basketball Keyboard keyboard theme in burning shades of orange with black.This beautiful sport very popular all over the world, but especially in United States of America has now a design to make your one stylish with basketball keyboard.


🏀Express yourself in your language! This application theme supports over 80 languages that facilitate the communication. The dictionaries are globally so you can choose what features you want in order to personalize your keypad.

🏀The basketball arena is revealed now on your smartphone display so the sport inspire champion mood. Orange fire and black style emanates power and energy, making typing more fun. Simple design, but very carefully projected, has a high visibility of letters and cool emoji to help in smart replying and texting fast in chats.

No chat without emoji😊🏀🤗🙃! So expressive little smiley that helps you to tell more instantly are now on your keypad in a various forms and chic styles, ready to make the conversation more interactive.

Also gesture input has a beautiful graphic effect and helps a lot to write better and faster, just swiping on the keypad's surface.

🏀Get ready for the edge of the design for free! Customize now your display with this new emoji keyboard and fill your keyboard with color and style! Orange and black combination is usually associated with Halloween or Basketball.


Smart Prediction

Popular GIFs and Memes

Customized Fonts

Smart Replay

Dynamic Typing Effect

🏀Change the aspect of your screen with basketball keyboard and type easier with buttons specially created by our design team to improve the speed of typing and to enjoy more the conversion itself.

DOWNLOAD this theme and then press INSTALL option and then APPLY.

Using this GO KEYBOARD made using the keypad more fun!

Give a great LOOK to your keyboard!

🏀Download now Basketball Keyboard and personalize your keypad in a modern and elegant way! We choose to dedicated a theme to this beautiful sport because it's expression of high jump and encourage the team spirit and the fair play.

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Dec. 25, 2019

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