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Elegant Keyboard 2020

Elegant Keyboard 2020 is our newest keyboard theme and live wallpaper app for your phone or tablet and it will...


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Elegant Keyboard 2020 is our newest keyboard theme and live wallpaper app for your phone or tablet and it will change how your keyboard and home screen will look.
It has an elegant 3D HD live wallpaper with gold butterflies and gold roses!
- 🔥 Customize your keyboard app with this great new keyboard theme for your phone for free.
- 👍 Tell us your opinion and how to make our black theme better! More custom keyboards themes and elegant wallpapers with gold butterfly on screen for your device await you!

-- 🌹 How to apply
After you download and install this theme just press 'Apply Theme' and select Keyboard Black Elegant theme from the list and your phone's skin will be changed. You may need to follow the tutorial and download Red Rose Keyboard to apply this keyboard theme. It is compatible with various keyboards, some have tutorials that will guide you with the steps on how to activate.
Also go check out the wallpapers and our other custom keyboards as well, many best themes full of color to download for free which can personalize your device easily! For example the Red Rose Keyboard app has an amazing Red Rose Live Wallpaper with glass and water effects!

-- 💎 How to apply live wallpaper
Open the app and press "Live Wallpaper" button. Then press "Set wallpaper" and it will apply to your homescreen or home screen and lock screen! Touch your screen and see how the gold glitter effects appear with butterflies on your screen!

--How to apply wallpapers
Go to "Set wallpaper" button and choose one from the list. The wallpaper will also work on your tablet.

Here are some of the features this cool classic black elegant 3d HD theme has : stylish elegant wallpaper that looks super cool on your android screen, you can use swipe gestures to split and resize the keyboard layout, your colorful emoji, cute stickers and emoticons await you! Compatibility for the stickers for more chat apps to be added soon with more customization options and widgets.
This luxury black stylish phone theme is also an elegant lock screen theme and a launcher theme through the included black elegant live wallpaper with gold butterflies. You first need to download and install the main Red Rose keyboard and after that Black Elegant Keyboard theme can be applied! With the Red Rose Keyboard you also get access to cool features like an awesome Red Roses Live Wallpaper!

❤️ Black is back in town and it's here to stay! Keep it classy and elegant by using this free best Keyboard Theme emojis and change your phone screen, you will love it! Sometimes simpler is better and this is why we recommend you use this elegant luxury black app, for color lovers check out our other custom keyboard themes.
Enjoy this classic black elegant theme wallpapers with stylish business style and elegant luxury black lock screen! Let us know your thoughts on this black theme, more live wallpapers for personalization and customization to be added! Customizing your phone is fun and cool so try this new keyboard and live wallpaper now!

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April 23, 2020

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