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CamSpy-Hidden Camera Detector

CamSpy - Hidden Camera Detector app is a tool to help you find hidden camera lens that you suspect are present...


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CamSpy - Hidden Camera Detector app is a tool to help you find hidden camera lens that you suspect are present in the room. Our Hidden Camera Detector CamSpy tries to detect Hidden Cameras and spy devices using your phone's magnetometer sensor. If the magnetic activity seems similar to that of a hidden camera or microphone, CamSpy Hidden Camera Detector will beep and warn you so that you can manually inspect the area for any unusual activity.

This app needs you to have a magnetometer sensor in your phone, otherwise the app won't work.

How To Use:
Move your phone close to the suspected device to scan it. For example: Bedroom, changing room, shower or any private area. You need to move your phone with the sensor facing towards the suspect area. To know the sensor position of your phone, try to keep a phone or camera near your device and when the app beeps, you can figure out your sensor's position.

CamSpy - Hidden Camera Detector app uses your phone's magnetic sensor to detect hidden cameras everywhere and makes your phone like a real Hidden Cameras detector.

App works best detecting metal cameras up to 15cm away, and working best detecting ferromagnetic materials, such as camera and can’t detect non-ferromagnetic materials such as aluminum.

The magnetic field of the cameras in nature ranges from 25 to 65 µT (0.25 to 0.65 G). Data is displayed in µT (micro Testla). 1µT = 10mG (milli Gauss). Any higher calculation is an indication of high magnetic field in the area. When there is metal in the area, magnetic field increases.

CamSpy - Hidden Camera Detector application is simple to use, just open it and move it around the suspected objects . If the magnetic field values rise then there is a hidden camera or microphones in the area. Accuracy of the app is entirely dependent on the magnetic sensor in your device and is affected by electrical equipment such as TVs, Speakers, Laptops… due to electromagnetic waves.

If the reading is stuck, try shaking your phone to re-calibrate the sensors.

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July 22, 2020

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