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Basketball Champion

"Launch 50 Bucks paid" . Best basketball game "Basketball Champion" . Who enjoy basketball game, Try de...


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"Launch 50 Bucks paid"

. Best basketball game "Basketball Champion"
. Who enjoy basketball game, Try demonstrate in your skills Exert.
. Basketball game that you can enjoy together with people around the world.
. It is a simple, realistic physics and fun to enjoy basketball game.
. Ranking in the system by registering the best, 1,etc,Try
. Dozens of basketball balls, uniforms and coat, select a variety of characters, please try to express their own style.
. Please be best to try to raise the level and skills.

Versus game: by confrontation of one-to-one in 45 seconds, please try to win to get a higher score than your opponent.
Arcade Game: Please try to win to obtain a higher score than the mission score to have three balls.
Last ball Game: Please try to challenge the best score to have one ball.
Players: men and women 6 players.
Ball: variety 30 balls, control time ball , goal area, the Fever time function experience.
Uniforms: Please try to experience a variety of fifteen uniforms and coins, level, experience value function.
Background: basketball 2 court.

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Settings > Management of application > Basketball Champion > Permission > Apply Storage/Call/Address book to be allowed

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