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Tree Revenge

Get ready to experience one of the real strategy-based game with nonstop action adventures. It’s a story of a ...


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Get ready to experience one of the real strategy-based game with nonstop action adventures. It’s a story of a hero tree to save other trees & forest species from the epic attack of humans and some evil creatures. Complete the intense challenge as a mighty hero to take revenge. This battle will give you some thrills and war actions moments in the core of the jungle. In this Tree Revenge single-player role-play action game, you will experience how to save an empire from unknown devils. Start your battle in the war region to bring peace and prosperity in amazing forest. The jungle is yours so it’s up to you now to save territory by using all kinds of skills and mastery. The jungle is in danger as all of the wild enemies are ready to set forest trees on fire and demolish its species which are in danger zone. You are the only hope to bring peace in the amazing jungle and endanger animal species.

In tree Revenge game there are lots of untold challenges ready to stop you from your fantasy missions. Remember in this spectacular battle, enemies will arise from every corner of the jungle but you have to remain in the winning side otherwise your enemies will destroy beautiful forest. So buckle up your arrows and bows and remain one step ahead of enemy’s army. It’s the best chance to establish you as a mighty king of all time.

Start your journey and follow the enemies war steps and attack on right time and from the right position. Time is too short to stop the speedy attack of the enemy soldiers. So bring all the war strategies to Defend Kingdom in epic battle of mighty revenge. In this revenge game, you hold the fate of your jungle so fight like a real hero for jungle trees. Your determined enemies have magical powers and some special attacking abilities so face all the attacks with your tremendous war skills. Upgrade your attacking abilities as per level requirements. Earn rewards after accomplishing each level. Cash the rewards in purchasing new attacking powers and much more. There are multiple chapters to conquer so hold your position and get ready to explore the jungle with enemies. At every move prepare yourself from the greater army attack so keep an eye on enemy moves and taste the power of victory. The only hope to rule back on the jungle is to defend and dominate each corner of the empire.

As a hero among the trees, it’s your responsibility to take care of the jungle save other trees from incoming dangerous attacks from hordes of evil enemy. Fight with enemies and stop them from invading in your territory. Take your position and start clash with enemies in royal battlefield and response as quick as you can to bring peace for others. Every enemy has different powers and strategies so upgrade your fire powers as per requirements and purchase your powers from store to cover the enemies within limits. Build your farm with different farming animals. There are multiple chapters to play so stay calm and get your mission with your best strategies. Use the joystick to move hero character. Take your time in this new strategic war game and taste the shadow of victory.


Different types of chapters to conquer
Tap & hold down to move and leave to shoot enemy
Build your farm with different farming animals
Easy to move the player with a joystick
Find a safe place to stop enemies attack
Upgrade fire powers as per enemy requirements
• An ultimate graphical environment as per game requirements
The best game sounds with the best effects

Last update

Nov. 14, 2019

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