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Glide is not a simple chat or just an enhanced SMS system. It’s
a private messaging app with a focus on video.

You can send your video messages to your friends instantly,
with just a tap, and manage chats in huge groups of unlimited size.

Key features: No uploading or downloading, Video
archive always available, Unlimited messages, Half the data usage of video chat, completely FREE. 

Remember it’s still a beta version, and Facebook login is needed. 

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Glide is the live video messaging app for people who want more personality and expression when communicating with those who know them best. If you're feeling that text can't say enough, you're ready for Glide. Get a little closer.


Just hit the blue button and speak naturally into the camera. Tap it when you’re done and your video message gets sent immediately. It can be 3 seconds or up to 5 minutes of your you-ness.
Someone can actually watch as you’re recording your video, or whenever they have a chance. Techies call this “asynchronous.” We call it massively convenient.
• Is it more fun to send or receive a Glide? That’s a cosmic question. The answer is “yes”
All of your videos are stored on the cloud, so they don’t take up any space on your device. It’s unlimited and free!
• To record and share what’s happening around you – a parade, a field of dreams – just switch to the outward-facing camera. Your friends will feel that they’re right there with you.
• It’s a new form of back-and-forth chat that helps relationships sparkle by collapsing time and distance, even if “distance” is just across the street.
Glide group chats are easy to create – set them up on the fly, with up to 50 of your closest friends.
Works on Android and iOS - all phones, tablets and the Apple Watch. Communicates on WiFi, 3G, 4G & LTE.


Share photos, too – on Glide messenger or social media
ZOOM in and out while recording a video, for added drama
Too much coffee causing hand-shake? Tap to focus while you’re shooting
Romantic lighting? Not a problem. Glide uses your device’s flash to brighten up
Cool filters make your videos look awesome
Super Emojis - express how you feel with a smiley on steroids
ASL and deaf friendly instant video messaging


"Glide's rapid-fire video-messaging approach works remarkably well for live conversations, and it's nice to have the option to leave your friends and family messages that they can watch later." - CNET

"Glide live video messaging software is like video voicemail for mobile devices" - Forbes

"Although the first-generation Apple Watch lacks a built-in camera, Glide for Apple Watch is the closest thing to the stuff of science fiction people have been dreaming up for years." -


TechCrunch Disrupt NY - Startup Alley "Audience Choice" Winner
Best Apps Market - "Best Apps Award"
Featured by Apple in Great Free Apps, New & Noteworthy + What’s Hot


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