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Glide is not a simple chat or just an enhanced SMS system. It’s
a private messaging app with a focus on video.

You can send your video messages to your friends instantly,
with just a tap, and manage chats in huge groups of unlimited size.

Key features: No uploading or downloading, Video
archive always available, Unlimited messages, Half the data usage of video chat, completely FREE. 

Remember it’s still a beta version, and Facebook login is needed. 

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What is Glide?
Glide is a live video messaging app that combines the convenience of texting with the expressiveness of video. Now your friends can see you smile and laugh instead of getting an emoji or an “LOL”.

How does it work?
Glide is really easy to use: Just tap on the blue button and your video message will be sent instantly. Tap again when you’re done. Your friends can watch you live as you record, and you can see their response in less than one second after you finished.

Why is it convenient?
Glides can be watched whenever you’re ready - chat live or later. You don’t need to wait until your friends are online to chat. All video chats are saved on the cloud and don’t take up any space on your device, so you can watch and rewatch videos as many times as you’d like, absolutely free.

What can I use Glide for?
Glide is an awesome free tool for anyone who wants to chat with their friends and family in a fast, personal way. It’s also really useful for:
Group chats of up to 50 people - family chats, BFFs, study groups, etc.
Keeping in touch with people who live far away - the conversation can happen whenever is best for each person, so timezones aren’t an issue..
Talking to grandparents - Glide is very simple and doesn’t require typing, so young kids can use it easily.
Sign language - Glide is proud to be widely used by deaf and hard of hearing communities around the world who prefer the convenience of video chat.

If you're feeling that text can't say enough, you're ready. Start gliding and get a little closer with your loved ones!

What Else?
Review your videos before sending, or tap to stream live - whichever fits you best
Great for texting when video is less convenient
Photos can be snapped on the spot or uploaded from your device
Cool filters make your video messages look awesome

▶ What’s Glide for Android Wear?
If you own a smartwatch, you can now get your Glides directly to your wrist! Watch live videos, respond with texts, emojis, and even live voice recordings. Video messaging on Android Wear is changing the way we communicate on the go.

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