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Glide is not a simple chat or just an enhanced SMS system. It’s
a private messaging app with a focus on video.

You can send your video messages to your friends instantly,
with just a tap, and manage chats in huge groups of unlimited size.

Key features: No uploading or downloading, Video
archive always available, Unlimited messages, Half the data usage of video chat, completely FREE. 

Remember it’s still a beta version, and Facebook login is needed. 

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Glide live video messaging is your all in one FREE mobile messaging app to send and receive live streaming video, text and chat in groups or one on one. The best part is the messages take up no storage on your Android phone or tablet!


Staying Connected: Watch videos streaming live as they're being recorded or whenever is convenient. Respond on your time.

Capturing Memories: Share exactly what you’re doing right now with videos up to 5 minutes long. Send as many as you want without taking up any space on your phone.

Long Distance: Feel like you’re right there with friends and family, even when miles apart. Send a video message or text whenever you want, even if your friends aren’t online!


Easy to Use: One tap to record and send video chat messages
Watch Live or Later
Cloud Storage: Videos don't take up any space on your device
Record whenever you want, even if you’re offline!
Chat with 1 friend or in groups of up to 50
Deleting messages removes them for everyone in the chat
Share videos up to 5 minutes long
Use filters to make your videos look awesome
Super Emoji: Send a single emoji and BAM! watch it appear super-sized!
Share videos on social media or forward them to other chats
ASL friendly video app
Works on WiFi, 3G, 4G & LTE
User friendly video chat app
Tabs for Friends, Chats & Discover
See who is online at the top of your friends’ list
Continuous Video Play: Video messages will play automatically one after the other even if there’s text in between
New Message: create and review a new video message before you send it by pressing the video icon on the top right on the recent tab
Supports Android phones and tablets!


"Glide delivers simple and fast video messaging, and it's certainly easier to use than other apps like it." - CNET

"Glide set to change landscape of mobile messaging industry" - The Korea Herald


TechCrunch Disrupt NY - Startup Alley "Audience Choice" Winner
Best Apps Market - "Best Apps Award"



Twitter: or @sarahglide


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