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Glide - Video Texting

Send and receive private video messages, 100% FREE...


Freapp team says

Glide is not a simple chat or just an enhanced SMS system. It’s
a private messaging app with a focus on video.

You can send your video messages to your friends instantly,
with just a tap, and manage chats in huge groups of unlimited size.

Key features: No uploading or downloading, Video
archive always available, Unlimited messages, Half the data usage of video chat, completely FREE. 

Remember it’s still a beta version, and Facebook login is needed. 

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Why Glide?
One tap to record and send
Chat with 1 friend or in groups of up to 50
Videos are saved to the cloud & don’t take up space on your phone
• It’s totally FREE!

Rewatch messages whenever you want
Share videos to Facebook and Twitter or forward them to other chats
Use filters to make your videos look awesome

Glide is perfect for...
STAYING IN TOUCH: Chat with friends throughout the day
CAPTURING MOMENTS: Record as many videos as you want without worrying about space
LONG DISTANCE: Send when it’s convenient for you, they’ll respond when it’s convenient for them.

The current hot name in video messaging is Glide” - Forbes
“It’s incredibly simple to use… It worked seamlessly over 3G” - NY Times

Note: In order to maintain the Glide experience when you receive a phone call, Glide reads your phone status and identity. We do not share this information with anyone.

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Dec. 22, 2014

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