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Pocket Trader. Business Tycoon. Ancient Trading.

Grow your business, trade with ancient civilizations. Buy, sell, travel and make profit. Download Pocket Trade...


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Grow your business, trade with ancient civilizations. Buy, sell, travel and make profit. Download Pocket Trader - Business Tycoon: epic, challenging & addicting business simulation for free and make a fortune. Ultimate Business Tycoon simulator game.It's an rollercoaster tycoon as you are rich and the next moment you have nothing. You can play safe or risky.

Do you like tap tap or simulation business games? Are you looking for top notch trading game to be rich?

Welcome to Pocket Trader - Business Tycoon, free simulation game that offers you tons of fun at the spot. In this addictive business simulation game you will be playing an ancient trader, buying, selling and trading ancient goods to make a profit. Buy, sell, trade and travel between ancient towns.

Start your business and make money! Once you start, you will be addicter soon! This is the best time waster!
Buy goods at cheap and sell them at high in order to grow. Travel places buying and selling stuff and making fortune, with the money earned, you can upgrade your caravan, cargo and party, hire mercenaries. Pocket Trader - Business Tycoon is just a perfect business sumilator. Earn cash and enjoy the fun af the trading simulation game!

You have plenty of amazing good types to choose from, ranging from bronze to rubies, salt, wine, spices, medicine, fish, fruit, coal, grains and even poison. As you play and earn more money you will be able to trade more goods and upgrade your caravan in order to carry more cargo. Trade with ancient city island. Build your empire.

Simple trading mechanics
Missions and achievements available
The business still goes on
Hire mercentaries
Become the greatest forge business tycoon ever!
Business Trading simulator!
Free trading crafting game.
► Be careful: avoid going broke

Pocket Trader - Business Tycoon is must have simulator game on your device especially when you got some time to kill.

Now, why you are waiting pocket trader? It's time to earn profit by trading and selling goods to be a hero and a millionaire. Are you ready to become a rich business tycoon and the trading hero? Just download and install this business simulation game right now. Real Tycoon adventure is waiting for you here!

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