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Pocketbook Easy Budget Planner

Pocketbook Easy Budget Planner is a Budget Planner, Money & Expense Manager that makes personal finance, expen...


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Pocketbook Easy Budget Planner is a Budget Planner, Money & Expense Manager that makes personal finance, expense tracking & budget planning easy in your Android Device. Pocketbook is the only popular personal finance app that gives you the option to synchronise with Australian Banks – so no more manual expense entry and full control of your cash flow, budget planning, deposits & balance.

Now with brand new activity feed of your money insights making one of the top 10 finance apps in Australia for Google Play.

More than 700,000 Aussies, love and trust our banking management and expense tracker app. Pocketbook making it easier than ever to have an easy budget planner, financial organiser, to control your bank transfers, receipts and deposits with all Australian Banks

List of supported Australian banks with auto-sync in Pocketbook:

ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank (NAB), Westpac, AMEX, Beyond Bank, Bank of Melbourne, Bank of Queensland, BankSA, Bankwest, Bendigo Bank, CUA, CitiBank, Coles Mastercard, ING Direct, Macquarie Bank, ME Bank, St George, Suncorp, UBank.

There's an option to also export your bank's feed and upload it to Pocketbook in bulk for unlisted banks.

Overview of Pocketbook Financial tools

Pocketbook is a budget planner app that makes personal finance ridiculously simple directly from your Android smartphone. Put an end to manually entering your spending, receipts, and keeping track on spreadsheets. The perfect expense tracking tool.

Within 60 seconds of signing-on to the app, we automatically sync your bank accounts, get 80% of your transactions automatically categorised & upcoming bills detected. We'll send you helpful alerts for when bills are late, and bank fees are charged. Not to mention a weekly summary to keep your budget on track and easy to manage, helping you to control your budget and expenses.

Pocketbook Money management features

1. Track your household and regular spending - See where your income and cash is going. Sync all your Australian bank transactions with the app into a single view in seconds.

2. Know exactly where & how you spending your money– Use mobile photos & geo-location to input cash transactions like coffee and beer, or add additional details like photo receipts, bills & invoices to your transactions. Easiest receipt tracker on the market.

3. No more missing bills & late-fees - All your bills automatically detected and in the one place. Get notified when they are coming up and if you have enough money to cover.

4. Organise your personal finance & plan future budgeting in one single financial app and organizer – Auto-categorisation and tagging putting you back in control of finances. Safely Spend helps you limit your weekly, fortnightly or monthly spend, so you can budget without even thinking.

5. Alerts via push notifications through the app on your Android device, and exactly when you need them to stay in control of your income.

Features of Pocketbook

Our latest android features include
- Single view of your budgets, recent transactions, balances and upcoming bills.
- Drill down with spending charts by account or category.
- Safely Spend, budget by category to stay on top of your money
- Sync your Australian bank accounts so no more manual entry.
- Upcoming bills reminders and tracking recurring payments.
- Manual data entry of cash transactions (with location and photo receipts).
- Auto-categorisation of 90% of your transactions into smart spending categories.
- Smart Notifications and alerts for late bill, large bank fee, and spending close to limit.
- Weekly summary alerts to inform you of upcoming bills.
- Upload QIF and OFX finance file formats.

Permissions Explained
- Camera and external storage access required to add photos to transactions
- Location required to add location information to transactions

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