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Metal Detector, Body Scanner

Metal Detector, Body Scanner is an extremely useful app made for your android devices. Become a metal detector...


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Metal Detector, Body Scanner is an extremely useful app made for your android devices. Become a metal detector and start searching for the presence of metals in your surroundings. The app will detect the presence of any metal object around your phone.

Your device has a built-in magnetometer. This magnetometer is there because magnetometer is used for detecting the relative orientation and position of our device relative to the Earth's magnetic north. The magnetometer readings are reported in micro Tesla units (µT).

Metal Detector, Body Scanner makes use of the magnetometer. It detects the magnetic field level (EMF) from the surroundings and shows them in μT. Normally EMF in nature is around 49 μT. If metal is brought near the device, the value of EMF will increase. The app shows the EMF value in real-time. The EMF value depends on the distance between the metal and the device. As the EMF value reaches a certain value, the app will start vibrating and beeping to trigger the user that metal is nearby.

Launch Metal Detector, Body Scanner and start to move the device around. The app will be showing magnetic field level on the screen in a constantly fluctuating bar chart of different colored lines starting from blue to red. The different colors show the intensity of the magnetic field level (EMF). The EMF value on the chart will increase and the device will start vibrating and making sounds telling the user that metal is near.

By using it you can detect metals from a distance up to 30 cm away from your device. Use it to detect the most common metals like iron, copper, steel, silver, gold, platinum, relics and other magnetic stuff. Use this app to measure interference in electrodes caused by metal and other magnetic stuff. Use it to find the exact location of electric wires in a wall. Find power sources. check and detect metal objects in walls. Use to find keys and other precious things at inaccessible places like behind a cupboard, under a sofa and under the bed. Efficiently detects ferromagnetic materials like steel, iron, nickel, and cobalt, etc.

You can also use this app as a body scanner. A security scanner to detect metallic objects on people like smartphones, keys, and knives, etc. Use it in rest rooms and changing rooms to detect hidden cameras.

Make sure to not use it around your computer, TV, gaming console or any other electronic gadgets. Which can affect the sensitivity and accuracy of the magnetometer's readings

Accuracy of the detected EMF is totally dependent on the quality of the magnetometer sensor of your device.

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Jan. 5, 2020

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