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Lite browser- Faster Browser

Browse the Internet at high speed and more privacy Advantages: ⬩ speed up browsing speed - Preloading...


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Browse the Internet at high speed
and more privacy
⬩ speed up browsing speed
- Preloading mechanism to speed up browsing
Prevent cheating
- Warns you when browsing potentially fraudulent or malicious web sites.
Load protection from fictions
- scans apk files to keep your device safe from malware,
User factor
- Supports user agent in switching to access to desktop sites
Speed ​​dial
- Security and privacy
⬩ Do not set the path
- Option to keep history, cookies and passwords saved
Find text
Adjust the font size
Redirecting bookmarks
Control gestures for video play
Card to control multiple tabs
Switch the search engine
⬩ Multi-language support
Browser maximum speed
Best for safety
Invisible Browsing
Quality and high
Put your picture settings on the front side
Enjoy upload and watch videos and upload images and save the links and privacy
Clear all records search
Unlimited tabs
Fastest downloaded for speed, safety and browsing daemon and new styles of all the colors red, blue, green, white and other
And it is characterized as an open source can modify it

Main Features:
Clean user interface successfully - Redesign the browser settings page streamlined.
Easy to manage tab management - Easy management of tabs management.
Intelligent loading - Supports multitasking, background, and download cloud with automatic connection.
Hidden Browsing - Private browsing to protect your privacy.
Custom Themes - Decorate your browser with themes and backgrounds from the Yossi Center for leisure, or use your own images.
Night mode - Protect your eyes in the dark.
Video control with audio - sound, brightness and progress, all can be controlled by Imet
You can put your picture from the other side of the browser.

The hidden browsing is the most important thing to the user provides you with this browser how much speed and data and protect your privacy

Last update

Jan. 8, 2020

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