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Maths Formulas with Calculator

Scientific calculator with maths formulas is a best education tool. There are more than 1000 formulas organise...


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Scientific calculator with maths formulas is a best education tool. There are more than 1000 formulas organised neatly. The In-Built calculator has both scientific mode and standard mode. The app also features built in maths related Applications and converters.

Best Features of the App
Basic Calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Advanced scientific calculations like logarithmic, trigonometric, and exponential functions
• comes with Dark theme and light theme with various colours.
• chose between radian and degrees

Maths Formulas
Algebra : Factoring, Roots, Powers, Complex Numbers and Equations.
Geometry : Cone, Cylinder, Square, Sphere, Rectangle, Triangle, Trapezoid. Etc…
Analytical Geometry : Circle, Hyperbola, Ellipse, Parabola etc…
Integration Functions : Properties of Integration, rational functions, Trigonometric Functions, Hyperbolic functions, Exponential and log functions
Derivations : Properties of derivation, general derivative, hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions etc…
Trigonometry : Sine and cosine Rule, Table of angle, Angle transformations, Euler's formula etc…
Laplace Transformation : Properties and Functions of Laplace transformation
Numerical Methods : Roots of Equation, Numerical Integration, Lagrange and Newton's Interpolation
Probability : Expectation, Variance, Distribution, Permutation and Combination etc…
Fourier Series : Fourier transform operations and Table of Fourier Transform
Series : Arithmetic Series, Geometric Series, Finite and Binomial Series.
Formulas Search Functionality
Matrices : Transpose, Addition, Multiplication, Inverse of a Matrix
Equations : Linear, Quadratic, Exponential, Log Equations and InEquations
Surface Area, 3D - Geometry, Coordinated Geometry, Logarithms, Circles, Planes

Maths Applications
Number Base Converter : Binary, Decimal, Octal and HexaDecimal Converters
Number Series Generator : Arithmetic Series, Geometric Series, Fibonacci Series
Volume Calculation : Volume of Cone, Cylinder, Rectangle, Circle, Tent and Trapezoid
Area Calculation : Area of Circle, Rectangle, Triangle and Trapezoid.
Roman Numerals : Decimal Number to Roman Numeral Converter.
Ratio Calculator
Proportion Calculator
Decimal to Fraction Converter
GCD and LCM calculator
Random Number Generator

P.S Maths Formulas with Calculator is created proactively with wide range of users from Students, Engineer and Professionals in mind. This app is a irreplaceable daily utility for those who find it difficult to keep track of all important maths and Engineering Formulas. The in-built Scientific Calculator and Maths Applications and Converter is a added bonus feature of the App. Thanks for your continuous Support. We have lot more formulas and features coming up in the future updates.

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