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Family Tree Archive

Drevo is a family archive for genealogical information and family history. Get to know exciting stories of you...


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Drevo is a family archive for genealogical information and family history. Get to know exciting stories of your ancestors' lives and easily scan old photos and documents. The best genealogical family archive available on Google Play will help you to systemize and save info about your family tree and to discover your surname roots.

Do you know your ancestry well? How many exciting family stories are yet to be heard? Do you have pictures of your great-grandparents? Dive into the unique world of your ancestry: ask your parents and grandparents about their lives and save this heritage with Drevo.

In this version of the app we offer you to start exploring your roots and building family archive by digging 3 generations deep into your family history. You can also add your spouse and children, as well as siblings. Throughout time Drevo will evolve into fully-operating family archive with genealogical tree.

There is a family tree template on the main screen of the app. It'll help you to explore and gather family history down to your great-grandparents. There is a personal profile for each of the ancestors. It is designed to hold basic info about a person, stories of his/her life and a gallery for dear photos. Use this functionality to lay the foundation of your future extended family tree.

As Drevo will always be within reach you will be able to add new information about your ancestors into the unique family archive on the fly. Granny is telling you funny story about her youth? Save it, your children and grandchildren will be happy to know it in the future! You have found a box with photo album and saw a weathered picture of your great-granddad riding a horse? Wow, he was a cavalryman! Scan the photo with handy interface of our app, your sister will be excited to hear new fact from your family history!

Our Drevo family tree app will help you to:

- know more about your ancestry;
- create simple visual family tree;
- save family stories;
- look into your gransdad's album and scan the photos;
- chat with your relatives more frequently;
- share genealogical discoveries;
- be proud of your family;

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