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Easy Voice Recorder Pro is a simple, fun, and easy to use audio & voice
recorder. Use it to record meetings, lectures, and personal notes, without
time limits or ads!

This is the professional version. To try before you buy, search for "Easy
Voice Recorder", or follow this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai

Core features

★ Record to MP4 files using AAC (on Gingerbread and higher), 3GP files using
AMR, and WAVE files for lossless recording. You can even record in the
background and control the recorder using a widget, while you do other things!

★ It's incredibly easy to share and manage your recordings. Everything is also
accessible via your device's external storage.

★ No time limits, push notifications or SMS spam!

Pro features

The pro version comes with many additional enhancements and extra features.
Here are just some of the improvements:

★ Bluetooth support.

★ Stereo support.

★ Continue an existing wave recording.

★ Support for folders.

★ Boost volume and reduce noise with the gain and noise gate features.

★ Switch to the camcorder microphone for louder and clearer recordings.

★ Control the recorder from anywhere using the status bar. Recordings can also
be pinned to the status bar.

With many more enhancements and additions, and more to come in the future.


Easy Voice Recorder is not intended to be used as a phone call recorder. Easy
Voice Recorder may also not be compatible with all devices and all
configurations, and the quality of any recording will always be limited by the
quality of the device's microphone. Please test using the free version before
upgrading to pro.

Some devices may also have known issues; please consult the help feature
inside Easy Voice Recorder to learn more.

If the app force-closes after an install or upgrade, your firmware may have
corrupted the install. Please uninstall and reinstall if this happens.


If there are any problems, please contact me via email, and we can
troubleshoot the problem together. I am unable to follow up or reply to
comments left on the market.

Explanation of the permissions

Record audio - Record audio from your microphone.

Bluetooth, modify audio settings, sticky broadcasts - Support Bluetooth.

Modify system settings - Support ringtones.

Write to external storage - Save recordings to your external storage.

Prevent phone from sleeping - Allow recordings to continue even with the
screen turned off.

Store review

Easy Voice Recorder Pro is your everyday companion to record important moments. Capture meetings, personal notes, classes, songs, and much more, without time limits or ads!

For students

Record classes and lectures with clear quality, even when the teacher is not right in front of you. Listen to these recordings as many times as you want to help you study for that next exam. Speed up or slow down playback to listen at a comfortable pace.

With no time limits and the option to choose a compressed format, it's easy to record the longest classes and lectures.

For business

Capture interviews and meetings from your phone, tablet, or smart watch, then share them with your colleagues through email or your favourite messaging app. Take advantage of powerful widgets and shortcuts to start a new recording right from the home screen.

You can even enable cloud upload to record voice notes while commuting and have them automatically sent to your laptop.

For musicians and for everyone

With many options to fine-tune the recording, the app is great for rehearsals and for capturing melodies that pop into your head. Try new ideas fast, hear the results and make adjustments on a new take.

Quickly switch between voice notes, meetings & lectures, and music & raw sound with easy to use settings and presets.

Exclusive Pro features (available on supported devices):

Upload new recordings automatically to your Google Drive or Dropbox.
Record to MP3 and AAC, in addition to all the formats available in the free version.
Record using a Bluetooth microphone.
Trim recordings and remove unwanted sections with Edit mode.
Manage and organize your recordings with folders, and save recordings to your SD card.
Control the recorder from anywhere using the notifications bar, or through our Tasker and Locale plugins.
Bonus features: record in stereo, import files, skip silence, volume boost, custom bitrates, and more.

Plus all the great features you find in the free version:

- Record to high-quality PCM and MP4, or use AMR to save space.
- Quickly start a new recording with widgets and shortcuts, and record in the background.
- Share recordings easily through email or your favourite app, or set one of them as a ringtone.
- Android Wear support - record from your smartwatch.
- Light and dark themes, and many other cool features.

Easy Voice Recorder is exactly what the name says: an easy to use audio recorder and sound recorder. Reliable, fast and flexible, it adapts to your needs.

Need help?

Please note that Easy Voice Recorder Pro is not a call recorder and can’t record phone calls on most phones. If there are any problems, please contact us at support@digipom.com. We are always happy to assist you.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use: http://www.digipom.com/end-user-license-agreement-for-applications/
Privacy Policy: http://www.digipom.com/privacy-policy-for-applications/

Permission details

Photos/Media/Files - Save recordings to your external storage.
Microphone - Record audio from your microphone.

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