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Crew Messaging is the app, available on all the Android devices, that helps managers and employees communicate by replacing text messages and email with one simple-to-use app. Send instant messages to anyone you work with, swap shifts with co-workers, ask your manager a question, send group messages, share photos with your team and a lot more from the palm of your hand

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Crew simplifies team communication and scheduling. Managers and employees can create group messages, schedule shifts and assign tasks. Join for free.

Use Crew to quickly and easily send instant messages to anyone you work with, without sharing your phone number or knowing theirs. Send a group message or a have 1:1 chat. No matter the size of your team, Crew is the ultimate team communication tool.

You can manage your team scheduling straight from Crew. View and distribute the store schedule with a few simple taps on the phone. You can also swap shifts with coworkers, ask your manager a question, send group messages, share photos, files and documents with the entire team and a whole lot more from the palm of your hand. No more searching for people's phone numbers or worrying about them not checking their email.

Crew helps you manage tasks across your team. Not sure what tasks there are to do today? Just check Crew. Replace your team's tasks process with Crew and you can easily assign tasks to coworkers from your phone and get notified when the tasks you asked someone to do are complete. Crew even lets you verify whether the tasks you've assigned have been seen and started.

Communicate faster with reliable, organized messaging on your phone
Send chat messages to everyone, specific groups or have conversations 1:1
Connect your entire team without exchanging phone numbers
See exactly who’s read your messages
Send unlimited photos and videos
Simplifies scheduling for your entire team
Check your work schedule on your phone at anytime
Easily get shift covers or pick-up extra shifts
Track and manage when employees are available to work
Get shift reminders and track your wages
Share files and documents with coworkers
Assign tasks to coworkers and get notified when they’re completed
Turn up teamwork. Crew lets you give kudos, say thank you and recognize great work
• A free app that works for everyone on your team

Crew is fully committed to your privacy. Your data is encrypted, and will not be shared or sold to any third-party, period.

Not sure if Crew is right for your team? Call us today and we'd be happy to share more and answer any questions you have. Call us at 1-800-531-6154.

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