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Mixel – Cocktail Recipes (Mixed Drinks Made Easy)

🎉 Get started with free cocktail recipes. Want to see what you can make with the ingredients you already own? ...


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🎉 Get started with free cocktail recipes. Want to see what you can make with the ingredients you already own? Fancy a martini or margarita? Holiday coming up? With recipes organized in a database you can sort, search, tag, and favorite, mixed drinks have never been so easy.

🏆 Unlock over 1700 craft cocktail recipes. We'll show you the best cocktails you can make using the ingredients you own. With over 1700 unique recipes and mixed drinks from world-renowned sources.

🍹 Unleash your inner mixologist. Stock your bar with the ingredients you have, then filter and sort drinks by those you are able to make. Want to try a new drink you're sure to like? Sort by flavor or search by ingredient. Keep track of your favorite drinks or ones you haven't tried yet. Search titles, ingredients, sources, and more to find the perfect drink for any occasion.

👅 A cocktail for every taste. Vodka drinks like the Martini and Cosmopolitan. Rum drinks like the Mojito. Tequila cocktails like the Margarita. We have them all. Input your ingredients and throw a cocktail party!

Missing a recipe? Create your own cocktail and share with friends. Your information is backed up to the cloud, so your data is always available. Switching devices? Just sign in to your Mixel account to pick up where you left off.

🙋 Why Mixel? You'll see... we designed the app to use a delightful 8-bit pixel art style. It's just as fun to use as it was for us to make. So get started!

Want more details? How about...

Over 1700 curated cocktail recipes from only the best published sources. Classics, variations, modern takes, and one-offs. The best cocktails—they're all here!

Broaden your horizons. Unlock packs of themed recipes including holiday cocktails, gin drinks, whiskey drinks, vodka drinks, tiki cocktails, and many more! Aperitivo anyone?

Over 600 ingredients to add to your bar, all with beautiful pixel art. We made sure not to leave any out!

Quickly view all recipes that use a cocktail ingredient. Great for discovering new favorite drinks! Really like champagne? Try the French 75!

Not sure if what you have at home will work for a recipe? Tap an ingredient and get the essential information. Does a margarita recipe use orange juice? Find out quickly and easily.

Create, customize, and share your own personal recipes. Pro tip: Tag us on Instagram and we may put your recipe in the app!

Add any ingredients you may need to a shopping list, directly from Mixel. Keep track of your cocktail inventory.

Included FREE
• 80 classic cocktail recipes and all 600+ ingredients
All features described above PLUS: color themes, customization, convert to metric units...
Mixel Maximizer: Calculate which ingredients you should buy next!

Upgrade to unlock
More recipes, organized into specialized packs (gin, vodka, whiskey, tropical, holiday, etc.)
Mixel Pack: 280+ of our favorite recipes
Premium: All 1700+ recipes, plus any recipes and features added in the future. The best value.

Last update

March 31, 2020

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