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Eat healthy, eat regularly, eat 5 meals a day, run metabolism and lose weight with Meal Reminder. Customizable meal times to suit your needs, alarms to notify meal time, possibility to add 6th optional meal, editing of past meals and more. Download the app and start eating healthy.

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Eat healthy, eat regularly, eat 5 meals a day. Run metabolism and lose weight.

Meal Reminder is a simple application helping you to keep eating regularly.

Remember that eating 5 meals a day (with around 3 hours intervals) has many advantages:
Accelerates your body fat burning, which causes weight loss or helps to maintain your weight
Helps you to control the quantity of every meal and prevents overeating
Regular breaks between meals protect from sudden decrease of the glucose level in your blood and ensure satiety

Meal Reminder - Weight Loss application helps you to follow this easy diet plan by following features:
Custom meal times to suit your needs
Alarms to notify you about meal time
Status of current day to see either meals were eaten or skipped
Possibility of adding 6th, optional meal, if you get up early and finish your day late at night
Editing past meals - just swipe the meal item on the list and use edit buttons (if you want to change the past meal status, click on the meal item)

Any comments are welcome. Please notify me if there are any functions that you want to be included in future versions of Meal Reminder - Weight Loss.

Thank you for download!

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