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App Lock

App lock is a security tool which helps you to protect your phone from annoying people by locking your applica...


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App lock is a security tool which helps you to protect your phone from annoying people by locking your applications from public access, only you will be able to

unlock them again. With App Lock you can lock your applications using either PIN or lock pattern.
This application is a very strong and useful tool for protecting your applications. You can enable or disable the lock service, you can switch between text password

lock mode and lock pattern mode.
You can lock -
Phone calls , Whatsapp , facebook ,Messages, Emails, Contacts, Gallery, Google Play Store, Settings, etc. So use this App Lock app and make your phone private and



1.Lock system and non system app.
2.Easy user interface, Best Performance.
3.Pattern and pin style is available for lock.
4.Less Battery and Memory usage.
5.Gallery vault , you can hide your images and videos.
6.Hide app lock icon from launcher screen.
7.Attractive design with lot of theme.


1. Can I hide any type of apps by this App Lock ?
Yes!! Obviously You can Hide any type of applications which is in your phone like Messages, Emails, Contacts, Gallery etc.
2. How can I recover my passcode of app lock in case of, if I have forgotten the passcode?
While you setting your password then you will see an option to entering an email id and when you click on save button then app lock will save the passcode , The

email id is only for password recovery and revert back use only we never do spam mail . By clicking on forget password you can get password on email . You will shortly

get the passcode.
3. How can i hide app lock icon from launcher screen?
Go to app setting and click on hide app icon , and enable hide icon, you need to try once each step before hide icon.
4.How can i hide my images and videos by app lock ?
Go to app setting , click on gallery vault ,just tap on the screen , there have option to add images or videos, now select the images or videos and click on add to

vault , you will able to hide images and videos.
5. I hide App Lock icon, how to open App Lock now?
There are two ways to open it:
1. dial pad
enter *#*#54321#*#* in your dial pad.
2. Manage Space
Go to the App Info page(Setting->Apps->App Lock ) and tap Manage Space button.
Note -
We are supporting translation up to 47 languages and we used google translator for translating all these language , If you like to support in translating (English to

your language) this app, feel free to contact us. And Also please let us know if there are any incorrect translation use on our App Lock .

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