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Automatic Call Recorder

Auto Call Recorder Record any phone call & save for as long you want, Listen your calls whenever you want in...


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Auto Call Recorder
Record any phone call & save for as long you want, Listen your calls whenever you want in Cristal clear sound quality, You can also manage your contacts which calls to record which are be ignored from app Settings, Use Google Drive™ to save and synchronised call records, Auto Call Recorder also identifies unknown phone calls for you.

Please note that we have tried our best to make this app to support all the phones but in some certain handsets(5-10% handsets) it might not work properly due to hardware issue, Hence we therefore suggest you to try this free version before upgrading to Premium version.
Incase you are getting other low voice issue during call recording you can use auto-on-speaker mode OR you can also try with different audio source abavile in the app.

Main features】
Records Calls in HD sound quality from both side
Backup & Restore your calls to Drive
Password Protection
Records Calls Automatically
Easy to Use App with Hi Tech Features
Over 7 Million Plus worldwide downloads
Dual SIM Card Phone Support
Backup & Restore feature for Call Recordings
Smart real time Caller ID
Call Recorder features from after call screen
Supports 3GPP, AMR & MPEG4 formats
☆ No Internet Required
Supports Multiple Languages
Small App Size

Drive Backup/Restore, Password Protection, Caller Identification are some key features of the the app which make the app different from other call recorder app on the Play Store.

Auto Call Recorder
Records any Incoming & Outgoing calls in HD voice Quality,play any recorded call whenever you want to listen it.

Works Automatically You don't have to do any thing before recording any calls, App will record you calls automatically as per your own app settings.

Call Records Features
Play,Delete,Call,Share,Share Direct to Call Sharing apps

Search & Sort Filter
Now you can search any call record by its name or tag name.
You can also apply below sort filter on your Call Recording
Recent Call
Oldest Call
Only Received Calls
Only Dialled Calls

Password Security
Secure your app with password security & stop unwanted people your personal call Records.

Caller Details
No Need to install a new app to get your Caller details. This app will tell you all the details of caller at the same junction.

Contacts to Record provide you various option which you use from it
Record All Calls
Record only Selected Calls
Ignore Contacts

Ongoing Call Notification
View ongoing Call Duration & stop Call recording from Notification bar during Incoming or Outgoing Calls.

Multiple Audio Input & Recording Formats
Supports 3GPP,MPEG4,AMR to record.

Smart Notification
Get all the details about Incoming & Outgoing call on Home screen of phone during Incoming & Outgoing Calls

Drive Backup & Restore
Backup your recorded call to your own Google Drive account and restore on any device from Auto Call Recorder app

Auto Call Recorder 2018 supports all popular smarts phones models which incudes updated android Oreo/8.0, Note4, Note8, Moto G4 Plus, Lenvo k8 Plus, Samsung j5, Samsung j6, Samsung j7,One Plus, MI Phones & all other major phones.
Some time due to phone hardware configuration recorded voice is not audible you try to change audio format from app setting OR you also try to record call after enabling phone speaker.

Auto Call Recorder app will not be able to record your Wi-FI,VOIP,SIP OR any internet calls.


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