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Newborn Baby Nurture And Care

🍼🍼🍼 Hi! Would you like to play a game where you will take care of a pregnant mommy and a newborn baby? If you ...


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🍼🍼🍼 Hi! Would you like to play a game where you will take care of a pregnant mommy and a newborn baby? If you would like to nurture a mother whose due is pretty soon and to deliver her baby, then you can download for free the latest 👶Newborn Baby Nurture And Care👶 game. Your task would also be to provide a medical care for the mum-to-be, welcome the new member to this world, change baby's diapers, feed her and play with her. The pregnant mum is really close to delivering a baby and she needs to take care of herself. You can help her with that! Give her vitamins, juice and healthy fruit and pamper her with yummy cake. When the time comes she will ask you to take her to a clinic. First, you will have to check her blood pressure, give her a vaccine and listen to baby's heartbeats. It is really important to do an ultrasound so you could check if everything is OK with the baby. With the popular 👶Newborn Baby Nurture And Care👶 you will be able to follow the mum-to-be from her pregnancy to parenthood.

🍼🍼🍼 Newborn baby caring game can be played by kids and adults, and by everybody who wishes to take care of a virtual newborn baby. All you need is to install it on your smartphone or tablet, it is that simple! This casual game will entertain you for hours and you will adore taking care of a mommy and a baby. A part of the top 👶Newborn Baby Nurture And Care👶 is to prepare the mommy for a C-section when time comes. You can do it and welcome a new family member to the world. This little bundle of joy needs to be bathed and cleaned and you will be overwhelmed with cuteness while doing this. You should now take care of the virtual newborn baby and measure her weight for starters. Afterwards, you can measure her size, take care of a bellybutton and give her a vaccine. A baby girl will need your care and love and you will enjoy picking out the best looking diaper for her. You can also decide on the cutest baby overall that fits her and choose what socks and baby cap to put on. Make sure to give her a bottle so she wouldn't be hungry. The latest 👶Newborn Baby Nurture And Care👶 is the best game for girls who will one day also be mothers. This app is also highly educational and gives a look inside maternity and parenthood.

- Fantastic graphics that will make your gameplay enjoyable
- Chance to turn on a music box toy so the baby would fall asleep
- Opportunity to take care of a pregnant mum and of a newborn baby

🍼🍼🍼 Aside from providing a medical care, both to the mother and the newborn baby, you can also play with this sweet bundle of joy. Keep her entertained with so many different rattles and stuffed toys. Your heart will melt when she smiles at you and you will enjoy while playing the popular 👶Newborn Baby Nurture And Care👶. Taking care of a mom-to-be and giving birth to a virtual newborn baby can be really interesting, and if you would like to bathe, dress up and give milk to the baby then this cool baby game is the perfect one for you. When the little newborn girl is taken care of, she will need to get some sleep. Play the music box toy and turn off the light so she would have a good night sleep. Discover how interesting maternity and parenthood is and play a cool game of taking care of a mommy and a baby girl on your smartphone or tablet. The top 👶Newborn Baby Nurture And Care👶 app will bring you tons of fun and the best thing is that the game is free!

How to play:
- Take care of pregnant mum and take her to a clinic when the time comes
- Before doing a C-section measure her blood pressure and do an ultrasound
- Measure the baby's weight, clean the bellybutton and make sure to give her a vaccine
- Change her diaper, overall and feed her

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