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Hospital Cashier Duty - Management Game

Little super marketers! You have worked as a cashier in the grocery stores and supermarket. Now its time to ge...


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Little super marketers! You have worked as a cashier in the grocery stores and supermarket. Now its time to get your hands on this management game where you have to perform all cashier duties in the hospital with this manager games. Manage a pharmacy in your hospital, help your hospital patients with the right medicine, band-aids and other surgical and medical items. Bill the customers as a cashier for the medicine and the items they purchase form the hospital pharmacy. This doctor game have many different tasks to do. So come up, start playing this managers games to have a lot of fun now!

Play with the major duties of cash register to hospital patient appointment all in one! So doctor, you don’t need any bachelor degree, tough syllabus or to learn pharmacy drug book, any pharma guide or pharmacology mnemonics neither you need to learn medicine formula and names nor a clinical examination and skills. In this medical hospital, play as a customer & shop at several venues including the Hospital Gift Shop, Cafeteria, and the Pharmacy! Pick up items, hold the cash till you reach the ATM machine, and then take them to the cashier to clear it out! What are you waiting for? Download this super cashier register game with hospital duty and time management duty to start this game right now.

You are a trained cashier of a store so its time to fulfill your duty, play as genius pharmacist & do all the medication according to doctor prescription. Give your customers all medicines like pill, injection, capsule, pain killer, tablet etc. and other tools such as medical and surgical instrument and bacteria scanner, blood pressure checker. Keep in mind the hygiene and clean germ free environment of your medical store. Don’t let the virus, spore or bacteria do their job and make them dead as early as possible. Make their bills and let them save their patients from death in our best cash register game.

The game has exciting levels with fun filled activities and challenges. You have to become a pro hospital cashier and manage your cash register without any errors. There's so much to do in this game. It's an interesting hospital cashier game where you act as a hospital cash register manager and have fun while helping your patients.

There is a lot of stuff in this supermarket hospital game and checkbook register management games so lets start this game right now!

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Oct. 4, 2019

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