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Camera Translator

All translators combine three translators such as camera translator, voice translator, all language translator...


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All translators combine three translators such as camera translator, voice translator, all language translators in all available languages.

Use this cool translator to translate any text instantly into 150 languages! It also recites translations for you.

Photo Translation application extracts text from a photo print source: documents, books, signs, instructions or announcements and makes it possible to immediately translate it into one of 150 languages. Take a text image and after the text is recognized, you can immediately edit, hear, translate, share it on Facebook, Dropbox or just send by email

All Language Translator is a free application for translating words or texts. This application must be useful for tourists, to travel to various regions or countries in the world, and also provide facilities for translating text to speech.

Fastest All Translators are very easy to use, Voice translator opens enter data in the box click the translate button. You will see the answer. You will see the translation of the sentence. just like a camera translator in scanning photos through a camera or gallery, then trim the display of the click result.

All languages are supported in camera, voice, text (All Language Translator) translators.
Clean UI & matrial design applications.
Easy to use for everyone.
Camera translator for scanning words and sentences scanning photos to text.
Camera translator to scan through Gallery.
Voice translator for speaking and writing to translate any word and sentence.
Voice translation data is deleted and offline users save it beforehand.
Translate the voice you are using (voice translator).
Copy and paste sources and translate text.
✔ almost supports up to 150 language translations
Translate Share your text (Social Media or other)
Translate history, save automatically
Learning languages quickly translates languages
✔ communication of any language

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