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Mario Batali Cooks!

** This is the official Mario Batali android app. ** "I'm so excited to present my first ever app - the most ...

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** This is the official Mario Batali android app. **

"I'm so excited to present my first ever app - the most advanced, robust,
comprehensive cooking app ever built! I personally created 100% of the content
in this app - 63 of my most requested recipes from the many regions of Italy
each with it's own video and still images made exclusively for this app. Then
I added 25 technique and kitchen basics videos along with my own, personal
introduction. This app allows me to get as close as I've ever been to
personally cooking with you in your kitchen. So grab some extra-virgin olive
oil, and let's cook some great food!!" - Mario Batali

A new vision for what a cooking app can be – the most advanced and
comprehensive cooking app yet.

Features include:

Complete support for Android 1.6 or higher

Browse recipes by region, course, prep-time, season, category of food or

Videos showing Mario cooking all 63 recipes, plus 25 more technique and
kitchen basic videos – over 5 total hours of video!

Still images that accompany every recipe step.

Extensive, intuitive bookmarking feature lets users cook more than one
recipe at a time and jump quickly to favorites.

• Built-in timers for any recipe step that requires timing.

Food pairings that link relevant recipes.

Wine pairings with Mario’s notes on varietals and a wine list describing
each wine.

Fully automated, multi-view, one-click shopping lists that you can check off
at the grocery store.

• An extensive glossary of terms

Facebook integration so you can share your cooking stories via the web.

Original, unique, fun user interface to link it all together.


* Please contact us at []( if you have any issues installing or using this wonderful app. We're standing by to help you through any problems.

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April 26, 2013

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