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Technical Grade Theme

Do you like grade or technical ? Do you want a technical grade keyboard to personalize your typing? Come and d...


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Do you like grade or technical ? Do you want a technical grade keyboard to personalize your typing? Come and download this technical grade keyboard!

This technical grade keyboard involves grade and technical . It can present features of grade , technical and mechanical as well. This technical grade keyboard uses cool as its background. Involving cool in its background image makes it distinctive. If you are a cool, grade or technical lover, then this technical grade keyboard is your choice! It’s compatible with HUAWEI Mate 9, Samsung Galaxy S8, OPPO, VIVO, and all other Android phones.

Features of technical grade:
△1 technical grade incorporates features of grade and technical into technical grade keyboard.
△2 This technical grade has cool as technical grade keyboard background. cool technical grade makes the keyboard even more unique and distinctive.
△3 technical grade keyboard applies black keys, which stylize technical grade keyboard and highlight its features of grade and technical .

How to download technical grade:
To download technical grade keyboard, you need to download the Cheetah Keyboard app (the previous Panda Keyboard) and install this technical grade keyboard. You can then enjoy using this technical grade keyboard smoothly.

Features of this technical grade keyboard:
☆1 Cloud prediction: This keyboard can provide accurate next word prediction to make your typing faster.

☆2 Gesture/Swype input: No need to press keys one by one. You can type simply by sliding over keys to get what you want to input. This function will save you much time and effort!

☆3 GIFs: technical grade keyboard is equipped with various GIFs. Share them with your friends during text chat to make your chatting more lively and interesting.

☆4 Emojis available: technical grade keyboard provides various emojis for you to type out your opinions and feelings vividly during text chat. Sharing emojis with friends will add much more fun to chatting as well.

☆5 Number row: technical grade keyboard provides a separate number row, so you can input numbers faster and more conveniently without switching to the numeric keypad.

☆6 Adjustable keyboard: technical grade keyboard can adjust its height to suit your needs. It can help you effectively avoid input errors caused by a cramped keypad and improve the accuracy of your typing.

Come and download this technical grade keyboard to have a more intelligent and personalized typing experience. If you like it, remember to rate us 5 stars. Your support is highly appreciated.

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