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LiteracyPlanet (Classic)

*NOTE: This application is in student mode and you will need a LiteracyPlanet (Classic) student account to use...


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*NOTE: This application is in student mode and you will need a LiteracyPlanet (Classic) student account to use this application. The activities in the application are all compatible on desktop and some activities are compatible with tablets. *

LiteracyPlanet is a fun, safe and motivational learning environment for children aged 4 to 15. The program encourages learning at a student’s own pace and presents a solid foundation for the development of invaluable literacy skills.

LiteracyPlanet is designed by education specialists and is aligned with English curriculum standards. The program covers key literacy strands including spelling, grammar, punctuation, comprehension and writing.

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More about the strands it covers:

Over 8,800 spelling exercises provide students aged 5 to 15 with an exciting and engaging way to improve English literacy skills.
Six separate categories address key spelling areas:
Phonemic Words
• High-Frequency Words
Irregular Words
Misspelt Words
Extension Words
Word Family spelling lists (Grades K-8)

My Words
Make learning your school spelling lists fun! Create your own word lists and master them in 14 exciting games.

A range of fiction and non-fiction extracts, and popular pieces of literature are available, covering different text types and genres. Over 250 comprehension extracts, for Years 1-9. Questions are based on 12 comprehension strategies and students can refer to the text throughout the activities.

Grammar and Punctuation
A range of exercises focusing on a wide range of grammar and punctuation techniques, including alliteration, onomatopoeia, tenses, and much more. Available for Years 1-9.

Children can read beautifully illustrated stories or have them narrated in a captivating manner.

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