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Altimeter App for Android What altitude do I have? - Not just in hot air balloons one imagines this ques...


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Altimeter App for Android

What altitude do I have? - Not just in hot air balloons one imagines this question. The use for an altimeter are manifold. As a backup for private pilots, as climbers or just because you want to know it.

The Altimeter App reads the GPS of the device. Here the data is sent to the app and displayed on the screen. The accuracy depends on the used phone.

There are 2 ways of calibration:

1. Using a web service

The position data is transmitted to a web service and sent back to the app. With this information, the altimeter can be calibrated.

2. Individual calibration

The Altimeter App can also be calibrated individually. Just write the altitude in the field provided.

Another feature is the display of the current position.

Degree of latitude
Street with house number
Position with postal code.
By clicking - Map - opens Google Maps. The position can be sent via Email, Whatsapp or Facebook.

The altimeter is translated into 6 languages:
English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Portuguese.

During the transmission sometimes occur 0 values. This ​​can be prevented by the spike filter.

The altimeter app can be styled individually. There are 12 backgrounds available. You want it even more individual? - No Problem. Just take a photo and upload it in your app.

The Pro version has the advantage that no further advertising will be displayed.

Here again all features at a glance:

Representation of the height in meters and feet
Webservice for calibration
Individual calibration
Display of longitude, latitude, street, house number, place
Google Maps support
Sending the position and height
Spike Filter
Translation into 6 languages
Individual styling
Have fun with the app ... .. wishes

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