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Terms of Use for LAST UPDATED: Dec. 18, 2015

The Loyalty Program (collectively called the " Program ") is offered to Freapp's users (" Users ") by NB Srl, registered address in Florence, Via Santo Spirito 14. (collectively called " Freapp ")

Territorial Scope

World wide web


The loyalty program is intended for all users who register and access the site (" Site ") using the logins of Facebook (or other social networks that might be implemented in the future by Freapp). Employees and associates of NB Srl company and/or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies are not eligible to participate in the Program.

Promotion Period

The loyalty program begins on 01/12/2013 and ends on 31/12/2015. After this date users will have time till January 15th to claim prizes. After this date old points will expire.

The Procedure of Implementation and Collecting Loyalty Points

Starting from 24/03/2015 some activities will be dismissed. Starting from this date please refer to the following table


Throughout the duration of the Loyalty Program, each User shall be entitled to collect loyalty points valid to redeem gift certificates or gift cards which will allow Users to obtain the products and/or services indicated in the following section of "Gift Card". In particular, every user who logs into the Site will be granted loyalty points according to the activities carried out as stated in the following table.


EARNING LOYALTY POINTS (starting from 24/03/2015)

Activities performed Loyalty Points
Register at Freapp and complete sign up steps 4500 points
“Suggest” a PREMIUM application +100/10000 Coins for each install made by your friends of profitable apps you suggest (the number of coins depends by the suggested app and will be give just after the opening of the installed app).
Log into freapp(on ​​a weekly basis) 100 points cumulative for each consecutive day of login and 1000 points on the seventh day. If the users miss one day, the point will restarts at 100 points (per day).

The loyalty points collected by the user will be counted by the tracking systems of Freapp and published on the user's profile in real time on a daily basis. The tracking systems of Freapp are the only accepted method of measuring the loyalty points collected by users. It is strictly prohibited to tamper with the points through the misuse of automatic systems such as manual clicking repeatedly, using bots and/or other tools to automatically generate any of activities mentioned in the table above. These actions will result in the User being banned from the Loyalty Program and, hence, from acknowledging the points. Freapp reserves the right to cancel any loyalty points credited falsely. The User involved will be promptly informed.

Use of Loyalty Points

The loyalty points accrued can be used by the User for the choice of a gift card as referred to in the following section.

The loyalty points collected are valid until the expiration of the Program and cannot be stored for later editions of the Loyalty Program. The loyalty points cannot be traded or exchanged for cash or other goods with monetary value. When the gift card is chosen, the corresponding amount of points will be automatically deducted from the total points accrued by the User.

Gift Card

Once reaching the points indicated in the table, the User may redeem the corresponding gift cards, namely:

100.000 points 5 $ Amazon Gift Card
200.000 points 15 $ Amazon Gift Card
300.000 points 30 $ Amazon Gift Card
500.000 points 50 $ Amazon Gift Card
100.000 points 50 $ Gift Card
200.000 points 100 $ Gift Card
300.000 points 300 $ Gift Card
500.000 points 500 $ Gift Card

The request must be made by Users by sending a written notice (email) according to the instructions on the Site. In case of failure to redeem the gift card before the deadline of the program, the User will lose the right to request it. Freapp will send the gift cards to the User, directly or through its supplier, to the e-mail address provided by User at the time of the request within 15 days from the date of submitting the form online. The gift cards, once delivered, cannot be exchanged and/or modified. Freapp reserves the right to modify the gift cards, their value and the amount of points needed to redeem them at any time during the Program. The gift cards entitle the User to purchase any product or service sold by the specific vendor. For any further details or references to specific rules concerning the usage policy of Amazon Gift Cards, please refer to the following Terms and Conditions: .

Final Provisions

Freapp reserves the right to change any part of, and at any time, the Agreement of participation in the Loyalty Program by providing the appropriate notice via online publication, without affecting the rights already acquired by the Users. The data provided by User are collected as part of an archive with the purpose of optimizing the point collection system. This archive is managed by NB Srl, which guarantees its usage in accordance with Legislative Decree 196/03 of the Italian jurisprudence; the participation in the Program is subject to the persistence and compliance of all the conditions specified herein. Freapp reserves the right to exclude the User from the program if one or more of the conditions do not comply.

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