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Telugu Transliteration Keyboard

Transliteration is the conversion of text from one script to another. "amma" is the English transliteration of...


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Transliteration is the conversion of text from one script to another. "amma" is the English transliteration of Telugu word meaning "Mother". Transliteration scheme gives you Telugu script using a normal QWERTY layout English keyboard.

Rice Transliteration Scheme (RTS) is the most popular transliteration scheme used around the world to write Telugu using English alphabets. This app contains QWERTY layout English keyboard to write Telugu script using Rice Transliteration Scheme (RTS). RTS is the easiest and most efficient Transliteration scheme to write Telugu. This app is designed to work on both iPhone and iPad. The custom keyboard enables Telugu typing across various stock iOS apps such as Messages, Notes, Email, Calendar, Safari etc. It is also available in any third party app which allows custom keyboards for text input such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

This app features:

1) Transliteration by Word
2) Transliteration of Clipboard Text

Transliteration by Word: Conversion into Telugu script occurs every time you tap on space bar or return key. This ensures accuracy in typing and also makes it easy to learn the transliteration scheme. Try it for yourself to appreciate it. Editing text is also a breeze because you see the English letters as you type - once you finished writing the word in English letters then confidently press the space bar to convert that word into Telugu script.

Transliteration of Clipboard Text: To enable this feature, the keyboard must be allowed "full access". Copy some text into clipboard and just tap on this tool. You would love to see the English text in clipboard convert into Telugu and you would be more surprised to see Telugu text in clipboard convert into English ! This tool also helps people who can not read Telugu. If you ever receive a message in Telugu script copy it into clipboard and tap on this tool to read the message content in Transliterated English words.

Your Privacy is important ! This keyboard DO NOT store any of your keystrokes locally on your device and DO NOT transmit any of your keystrokes over network. This keyboard DO NOT require any network access. It is fully functional offline. You can enjoy this keyboard with confidence and be assured that your Privacy is always protected. Please read complete Privacy policy.

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June 18, 2020

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