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I imagine reankarnatsiyu good old classic Minesweeper. RULES OF THE GAME. We are in a minefield. In some c...


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I imagine reankarnatsiyu good old classic Minesweeper.
We are in a minefield. In some cells there are mines in the other - the number of mines near the cage or void, which means that there is a number of mines. At the beginning of the contents of all cells hidden, to learn that in a cage, you should click on it with your finger.
To mark the cell with the alleged bomb should be put on her flag. This can be done in two ways:
1) Long press cell
2) press the button on top of game modes (it will appear on the flag), then the flags are set by pressing the usual. Transfer to normal operation is also carried out by pressing this button (flag disappears).
If all the cells open without mines, you win!
In order to play again, you should click on the smiley and choose the level of difficulty settings.
To move the playing field to hold the finger is enough to change the scale necessary to reduce or dilute the 2 fingers on the phone ..
       1) Fast play (put in the setup / level of difficulty / enable fast start) - in it is not necessary to open the first cell at random, immediately opened a small area of the playing field
       2) hardcore mode (put in the setup / difficulty level / on hardcore mode) - feel like a real pro, play without putting flags on the intended location of mines
       3) as in the original 4 difficulty levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, Custom)
       4) offline table of records
       5) while setting the flag phone vibrates and / or emits a sound signal (placed / removed in the settings / effects)
       6) at the first click on the playing field you can not get to the mine
       7) Translated to: Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic
       8) If the application is closed with an unfinished game, after restarting you start from the point where you left off
      9) If your phone rings while playing, stop the game in time
      10), a lot of different and interesting statistics on victories and defeats
      11), their records can post it to popular social networking sites (except the result is displayed and you open a minefield)

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Oct. 25, 2019

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