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Now Patient - NHS Repeat Prescriptions Delivery

Free NHS repeat prescription courier delivery Now Patient provide free courier delivery for every order o...


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Free NHS repeat prescription courier delivery

Now Patient provide free courier delivery for every order of 3 or items which will not fit through a standard sized letterbox.

Order your NHS repeat prescriptions at anytime, from anywhere

Now Patient allows you to order your NHS repeat prescription items using the app and our online pharmacy delivers them to your door free of charge.

How it Works

Download the app to get started
Register by answering a few simple questions
• We upload your NHS repeat prescriptions to the app
You place an order for the prescription medicines you need by tapping a few buttons
The medication is then dispatched to an address you choose with no delivery charge
You can then access the rest of Now Patient’s services, including medication reminders and video consultations with NHS-registered GPs

Our Happy Customers

Our patients love the fact that they no longer have to spend time waiting at their GP and then the pharmacy to pick up their repeat medicines as Now Patient does it all for them. Here’s what a few of them say about us.
“I wanted the ease of ordering online as this is no longer a service offered by my pharmacy who now want to charge me £60 a year for delivery.”
“A lot of back and forth between the doctors and chemist even though it’s a repeat prescription. This takes away all the hassle.”
Because of my lack of mobility you really help, not really been out for 18 months.”
“I work 8.30-5.30 it’s difficult to get my prescriptions I often run out which isn’t good for me when I need to consistently take my meds. Now Patient is far more reliable.”
“It is easier as I am unable to physically get to the doctors to order a prescription and the doctors don’t allow for over the phone repeat prescriptions.”
“It was hard for me to take time off work to get to my GP surgery to request a repeat prescription every month, this is much more convenient.”

Safety: Fully CQC Assured

Healthcare Services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission. We are proud to announce that we were the UK’s first digital health provider to be recognised for a safe and quality service with no recommendations for improvement. We also have been given the thumbs up by the NHS who have placed our service in the NHS digital Library, endorsing its use.
Our online pharmacy is based in the UK and we use the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) to seamlessly process your request in conjunction with your registered GP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online pharmacy?
An online pharmacy, such as Now Patient, is one that allows you to order your medications online and will deliver them to your door, saving you the time and trouble of going to your GP or local pharmacy to pick them up.

What are the benefits of the Now Patient service?
There are three main benefits to the Now Patient service:
1. You can order your NHS repeat prescriptions from anywhere using the Now Patient app. No more long trips to the GP to order your meds.
2. The medication is delivered direct to the door free of charge, so you can avoid a trek to the pharmacy.
3. Now Patient users can access consultations with NHS-registered GPs through the app.

Is the service really free?

There is no charge for using the Now Patient ordering and delivery service. It is completely free. The only cost that you might incur is if you have to pay for your NHS prescriptions. In this case we are required by law to pass on the NHS prescription fee.

Is this an NHS service?

Yes, Now Patient provides NHS services though our registered NHS pharmacy (General Pharmaceutical Council reference: 1121886).

What is EPS?

EPS is the NHS’s Electronic Prescription Service. It allows GPs to send your prescriptions electronically to your chosen pharmacy. The NHS have estimated EPS has saved them £130 million over the last 3 years.

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