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Freeway Police Pursuit Racing

With Freeway Police Pursuit Racing you jump right into the real cops 3D police chase action. Become a elite ...


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With Freeway Police Pursuit Racing you jump right into the real cops 3D police chase
action. Become a elite street racer by conquering the numerous racing events we throw at you as a real race car driver. Make sure you outrun the cops as they sent in pursuit on you and your rivals. Freeway Police Pursuit Racing challenges the driver to make their way on the freeway, and dodge the police cars, evading cops that you encounter is not an easy task.

This is high speed action Freeway Police Pursuit Racing has everything you ever wanted from a sports car racing game, cool rides and some of the best engine upgrades to make your sick rides even more sicker. Real high speed police car chases, awesome graphics multiple control options to make sure this is a game for young and old. Playable on multiple devices making this one of the most wicked arcade racing games you ever played on your devices, The feeling of real rubber burning madness, so if you ar looking for a super enjoyable and easy to play driving game then you need to download Freeway Police Pursuit Racing today.

The different locations are a joy on themselves, the easy to understand gameplay that will make sure you have fun for hours.

Core gameplay features of Freeway Police Pursuit Racing Are:
Great sense of speed, nicely and fun designed tracks.
Loads of different cars, from exotic cars to simple casual cars.
Upgrade your racing machines to the max and go for the win.
The police pursuits are intense and the police will stop at nothing to bust you.
Typical police equipment like road blocks are at the polices disposal to take you down.

Freeway Police Pursuit Racing is one of the best police chase game you ever played on your mobile device, and it's a lovely addition to the racing genre. The game is good great sense of speed and will not grow old very fast on you. So if you are a big fan of the police chase racing game make sure you add this one to your collection.

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