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Football 2019 NFL Schedule & Scores

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A REAL-TIME SCORING APP. Please read the full description before assigning a low rating and ...


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NOTE: THIS IS NOT A REAL-TIME SCORING APP. Please read the full description before assigning a low rating and referencing something the app specifically states it does not do.

The full National Football League (NFL) schedule (preseason, regular season and postseason) by week and for each of the 32 NFL football teams as well as a bye week schedule, Monday and Thursday Night Football schedules, weekly game scores (with breakdown by quarter), division standings, preferences and the ability to style the app in your favorite NFL team's colors. This football schedule and scoring app is free and without ads. Effort has been spent to make it fast and a relatively small install. It requires the minimum permissions necessary to refresh its data over the internet. Updated scoring data is usually available in the hours following the end of a group of games.

Data updates are retrieved in-app.
The app checks for new data each time it is started or restarted.
New data is generally available in the hours following a set of ended games.
Feature updates will continue to be delivered via Play store releases as usual.

The app is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the National Football League (NFL).
The app does not track any data about you or your device.

Requires the minimum permissions necessary to retrieve data updates over the internet.
Can be installed to SD card.

Tabbed navigation is used instead of a drill-down and back-button approach.
When viewing weekly schedules, tap the week tab again to view the current week's schedule.
When viewing team schedules, tap the team tab again to view your team's schedule.
Tap on a team name anywhere in the app (except preferences) to view that team's schedule.

Improved schedule layouts, text size and visibility.
Complete bye week schedule.
Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football schedules.
Schedules are styled in the user's NFL team's colors.
Preseason data is automatically hidden after the preseason ends.
• Gallery-based schedule navigation.
NFL Division standings (overall, home, away and division won/loss records).
Choose to use international-style date format instead of US (preference).
Choose to start the app on the team tab (preference).
Choose to have the app auto-scroll to the relevant week/game in each schedule when it is viewed (preference).
Game scoring includes a breakdown by quarter.
• Win/Loss records on team schedules include home, away and division records.
Game times shown in your local time.

The NFL uses flexible game time scheduling for Sunday games in weeks 5 thru 17.
A team's game time may be adjusted including who plays Sunday night. The NFL announces
changes at least 12 days before the week being changed (6 days in week 17).

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