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Minesweeper - Dreams

Minesweeper is a classic logic game / puzzle. Goal of the minesweeper game is to discover all tiles witho...


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Minesweeper is a classic logic game / puzzle.

Goal of the minesweeper game is to discover all tiles without a mine without detonating hidden mines. Number on discovered tiles says how many mines are around (all adjacent to the one).

There is a minesweeper classic, which you probably know.
If you are advanced, you can challenge triangle mines where there are 12 neighboring tiles. Can be called tricells.
You can play hexagon mine puzzles, shortly called hex or hexcells, too.

Minesweeper game progress is stored, so you can continue later where you left.

Game settings include:
- Field shape - squares, triangles, hexagons (hex)
- Preset field size - from Tiny to X-large
- Level (number of mines).
- No Flags mode
- Special modes - currently: Classic, Immortal, Guess-indictaion, Step Limit (see explanation below)

User interface is options
- type of click for discovering the field
- vibration feedback
- safety margin for close to border clicks etc.
- wide open the filed on the first click
- chording: fast open configuration (see explanation below)
- color themes
- it has HD graphics

Best scores of this minesweeper game are stored in your device.

If you sign-in and on-line, your score will be sent to service Google Play Games.
Not all game combinations have one. If the game you are playing has one, it is indicated by green dot next to Leaderboard in right bottom corner.

For minesweeper enthusiast players 3BV, 3BV/s and APM (actions per minute) is available.

Immortal mode:
If you click on a mine, you will not explode. The tile is marked with an orange flag. For each such step, you will be penalized with penalty time. For the first case, it is 1 s. For each other, it is always double the previous penalty. This means successively 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 ... seconds.

Learning mode:
The app will first analyze the information available to the player at the moment. It shows circles on the tiles, which must be logically empty (green) or hiding the mine (red). If it is not possible to specify any safe (green) tile based on information known to the player, the game marks an uncertain tiles by blue circles. You can turn the color circles off and on again by clicking on the mines icon or the indicated number of remaining unmarked mines at the top left.

This mode indicates situation when player has to guess by changing Smiley expression.

Step Limit:
Step is considered the one, by which, at least, one tile is discovered. If player does not make such step after the previous one in set time limit, the game ends. It is possible to select from preset time limits or set your custom one.

Chording - Fast open configuration:
When you tap a tile with a number revealed and it has marked the same number of flags it will automatically discover all adjacent tiles to the clicked one. Of course, if there is a mistake in flagging, you will detonate.
You can disable this or set it for a tap, double tap, long tap

Tiles lettering:
Useful for referencing. When you switch on this feature, you can letter covered unmarked tiles by simply clicking on a nearby discovered tile. Use the type of click, which is not assigned for Chording.

Relax by playing minesweeper!

Easy to play, but hard to master.

Also known as Buscaminas, Minensucher, Campo minado, Saper, Miny, Hledani min

Last update

Nov. 13, 2019

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