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Fortuno: Expense Tracker and Budget Planner

Fortuno is here to make a revolution in the way the world controls finances. It’s now possible to chart your p...


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Fortuno is here to make a revolution in the way the world controls finances. It’s now possible to chart your path to financial independence with this complete financial manager. From now on, control all your accounts in one place and in the simplest way possible. Your finances in the palm of your hand!

Your financial independence starts with controlling your spending and managing your money. At Fortuno, you can add all the income you receive and also your expenses in cash, debit or made with credit cards.

Nothing better than a simple and complete financial manager, to help you pay your bills on time and save money 💚

All in one place
All your accounts together. It’s much easier to follow everything side by side.
Register multiple accounts, which can be your wallet, bank account, investments, savings or others.

Keep track of your transactions
Register expenses, incomes, transfers between your bills and cards and see where’s your money going with a practical financial manager.

Say goodbye to your expenses spreadsheets
Access all the charts and reports, and see where your money goes! Day-to-day expenses, incomes, and expenses per account and category, and more!

Stay on budget
Create goals and save money to make your dreams come true. At Fortuno, you create budgets to know the limits of your spending in general or by category. It helps you save money and doesn’t let you spend extra money.

We'll let you know
Don’t forget to pay your bills and your due credit card bills or what you have to receive. Register a pending income or expense and the expiration of the bill that Fortuno remembers what you have to pay! Get alerts, pay your bills on time and avoid extra charges!

Control credit cards
You can control all your credit cards, noting everything you spend and also making the credit card statement payments. Enter your limits, date of closing and expiration of the statement of the card.

The best graphics
Access all the charts and reports that Fortuno offers: day-to-day expenses, revenue by account, expenses by account, revenue by category or expenses by category. All charts offer details for you better understand where your money goes and start saving.

Monthly Balance
Track your monthly balance, an incredible tool for your financial management. See how much has come in and out of money and your balance, month by month and filtered by year, with an incredible chart!

Extract and Filters
Review your transaction statement and filter your reports by date, expense, revenue, category, or bank account. Filters are fully customizable! Have you seen this in a spreadsheet?

Automatic and secure synchronization
Your data is secure in the cloud, with or without the internet. All synchronization data is trafficked and stored in a secure environment. Safety first.

Never lose your data because the backup is done automatically. Since Fortuno works totally offline, it synchronizes the data automatically once it has an internet connection.

Data Exportation
Need the data entered in Fortuno in a spreadsheet? No problem! You can export your data at any time.

Custom Themes
We care about what you like, so Fortuno is the only financial manager that has color themes for you to custom with the colors you like!

Why rely on Fortuno?
Fortuno is a financial manager that doesn’t ask for any bank or personal information in its register. You can rest peaceful, your information is secure!

Are you ready to improve the management of your finances?
Download Fortuno now, meet this incredible financial manager and simplify your financial life 💚

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Feb. 29, 2020

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