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Fortune Cookies

“Fortune Cookies” is an app about Fortune Cookies in English, very complete and easy to use. It is available a...


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Fortune Cookies” is an app about Fortune Cookies in English, very complete and easy to use. It is available and can be downloaded for free in all the android devices such as mobile, smartphones and tablets.

Its operation is really simple:

Choose one of the 4 Fortune Cookies in the plate according to your preference and desire.
Read the thought and reflection that has the Fortune Cookie.
Repeat as many sentences, proverbs and advice you want to get every day.

5 Advantages over Why to use the App Fortune and Luck Cookies”?

✓ 1 Cookie, 1 phrase...over 1000 phrases are waiting for you to guide and advise.
You want to know what Fortune Cookies have to tell you? discover the proverbs, phrases and reflections that will help you meet your day to day, present and future. Fortune Cookies will give you good and wise counsel on such diverse topics as love, family, friends, work, money and health. Let yourself be guided by the power of the fate of Chinese fortune cookies and get your life to improve.

✓ It is FREE!
Yes, as you read it, over 1000 phrases contained in mini cookies / fortune cookies totally free and in English. Download for Free!

Easy to use, quick and 100% Secure!
The app of “Fortune Cookies” is optimized and tested by professionals so that the user experience is outstanding. If you have any problems, error or bug when using it, please, write us at and we will try to help.

You can use it daily and whenever you want. There are no limits!

Share it in Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus with all your acquaintances, friends and family. Sure they will thank you;)

Please, if you liked the App leave your “feedback”: a message, a review and/or the score you think we deserve. It will help us a lot to keep growing. Thank you very much and we hope you enjoy our app! :)

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