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Player Car Battleground - Free Fire

Player Car Battleground - Free Fire Games The mega AAA quality and 3D graphics action packed and thriller...


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Player Car Battleground - Free Fire Games

The mega AAA quality and 3D graphics action packed and thriller car racing & shooting game of 2019 is available now. The features of this game are versatile and warns the hostile opinionators to be ware of the momentum and speed of this game. The designers of this game have created it in a lethal way and the rivals do not give much chance to driver to survive and eliminate the rivals one by one. The no. of opponents increase with each level across the game and ensure the driver that he will not encounter easy challenges across the game. The game is free car-combating game and is a good choice for driver to master his car chasing skills in unknown arena.

The structure of game is composed of health kits each downloaded when earlier is consumed and only one driver to combat all others. The controls of the car are composed of steering with left and right movement. The reverse and race controls are discrete and are supposed to move car forth or back. The aimer is automatic and hits the cars at their coming closer to it. The bullet button is installed in the game for fatal attack onto the rival monster cars. The modern rival cars are too quick to evade their blasting and are equipped with free movement. The driver has to do hard work to eliminate them.

The health kits are parachuted on ground to revive the health of driver if he is wounded by the firing of opponent cars. They’ve to be utilized wisely to fully play the game and avoid the killing of self before the killing of enemies. The opponents are to be trapped wisely and not let them run away while targeting them. The key to success lies in wise use of health kits and wise aiming and shooting of cars. The crux of the game is that hitting of opponents become harder if you are hollow in your shooting.

Features of Free Fire Player Car Battleground:
Variety of cars to choose from
Over 16 addictive levels
Use powerful weapons to wreck the other cars
Absence of Time-zone
• Auto-firing
Parachuting of health kits
Different land structures
Unlimited fuel
Availability of infinite bullets.

Last update

April 7, 2020

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