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Pocket Little Pony

Pocket Pony 3 has been released! ...


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Pocket Pony 3 has been released!

We are proud to announce that Pocket Pony is ready! We will continue to work on this game to release further updates.
Now you are able to get your own pony that will grow in your phone or tablet! Create your own pony, customize it, play with it, take care of it! Earn in-game money by playing mini-games (located in TV), we love making games for girls and boys

- You can itch and touch pony. Put pony in the bed!
- Growing system. Pony will grow in 15 mins now
- Groceries are located in the fridge
- Clothes are located in the big cabinet
- Mini-games are located in TV
- Added pharmacy store, located in the bathroom
- Added soap, a hair dryer and a towel located in the sink in the bathroom

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Feb. 21, 2020

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